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The out­ra­geous an­tics of the hi­lar­i­ous hy­brid com­edy-game show Billy on the Street es­ca­late on the sea­son five pre­miere, which finds host Billy Eich­ner (and guest Jon Hamm) ask­ing ran­dom New York­ers: “Would you have a three­some with me and Jon Hamm?” The sec­ond episode finds an un­der­cover Seth Ro­gen hold­ing the cam­era for a seg­ment called “Death Ro­gen,” in which Billy ap­proaches passersby to in­form them that Seth has died “so that Seth can ex­pe­ri­ence what their re­ac­tion is while they’re still around.” The will­ing­ness of celebs to be in on the joke — even when they’re the punch line — is part of the show’s ap­peal, but it’s of­ten the un­wit­ting New York­ers who get the big­gest laughs. And then, of course, there’s Billy him­self, whose ab­surdly in­tense in­ter­ro­ga­tions con­tinue to gen­er­ate hi­lar­i­ous re­ac­tions even as he be­comes in­creas­ingly rec­og­niz­able. “I knew it was a prank be­cause you’re Billy on the Street,” says one starstruck fan. Billy’s re­ply: “You’re damn right I am!” — and then he storms off in a de­served vic­tory lap.


Billy asks Seth: “Are you sick of James Franco say­ing he’s gay?”

Jon Hamm on the scene!

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