Body­guard Talks: Kim’s Mar­riage Se­crets Ex­posed

36 IN TOUCH KIM & KANYE: NOVEM­BER 21, 2016 Fights, lies and plas­tic surgery bomb­shells! Kim Kar­dashian and Kanye West’s body­guards have seen it all

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Kim Kar­dashian and Kanye West had one of their worst fights ever in early Oc­to­ber. Nearly one month af­ter his wife was robbed at gun­point in­side her Paris apart­ment, Kanye made the shock­ing de­ci­sion to fire Kim’s long­time body­guard Pas­cal Du­vier. “Kanye held a fam­ily meet­ing and told every­one that he felt Pas­cal didn’t do his job. Kanye said he had cleaned house,” says an in­sider. “Kim lost it. She started cry­ing and yelling that she wanted Pas­cal to stay.” But Kanye wasn’t hav­ing it. “He threat­ened to leave Kim and take the kids if she wasn’t will­ing do it his way from now on.”

Kim fi­nally gave in. But now she’s hav­ing sec­ond thoughts. “Kanye has fired so many of their body­guards in the last year that Kim is liv­ing in fear that at any mo­ment one of them will ex­pose her deep­est and dark­est se­crets,” a source tells In Touch, adding that al­though Kim, 36, and Kanye, 39, usu­ally ask staffers to sign a nondis­clo­sure agree­ment upon hire, the NDAS aren’t iron­clad. With 24/7 ac­cess to Kim and Kanye, their se­cu­rity team has been “privy to con­ver­sa­tions, ar­gu­ments, likes and dis­likes, how [they] act day to day,” their for­mer body­guard Steve Stan­ulis (who was fa­mously fired by Kanye ear­lier this year af­ter Steve tried to talk to Kim) tells In Touch. It’s no won­der, adds another in­sider, “that Kim is freak­ing out right now. Her life could be ru­ined at any mo­ment.”

So much of her pub­lic per­sona is a lie. “Kim doesn’t want any­one to know what re­ally goes on be­tween her and Kanye. She’s made sure that peo­ple think they’re madly in love, but the truth is that they fight non­stop,” says the source. “She cries that Kanye isn’t present for the kids [North, 3, and Saint, 11 months] un­less it’s for a photo op­por­tu­nity. They also have nasty fights about money be­cause Kanye thinks he made the Kar­dashi­ans over $500 mil­lion by re­brand­ing them into A-list icons.”

And Kanye con­trols her ev­ery move. “Kim likes to pro­mote the im­age that she’s the one mak­ing all the de­ci­sions in her life. But the truth is, Kanye de­cides what she wears, where she dines and what friends she is al­lowed to see,” says the source. “The body­guards have wit­nessed all of this.”

They also know all about her phys­i­cal changes. “Kim has lied many times about her butt, say­ing it’s nat­u­ral. But her body­guards could re­veal that she does in fact have butt im­plants,” says a friend, while the source notes that mom Kris has pushed all of her kids to per­fect their looks with plas­tic surgery. Even Kim’s sig­na­ture long, thick locks are fake, adds a sec­ond friend: “The truth is that she was ac­tu­ally go­ing bald from too many ex­ten­sions, so she had a hair trans­plant! If that ever came out, Kim would be mor­ti­fied.”

She and Kanye brought this upon them­selves. “Kim and Kanye have burned their re­la­tion­ships with so many body­guards,” says the source. And it’s only a mat­ter of time be­fore one of them spills se­crets. “If [ pro­tect­ing them] is your liveli­hood, and then one day it’s just gone, why wouldn’t you go af­ter them?” Steve tells In Touch. “Some­body could with­out a doubt de­stroy [their] brand.” ◼

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