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To­tal Bel­las’ Brie (left) and Nikki Bella open up to In Touch about moth­er­hood, wed­ding plan­ning and whether they’ll ever get back in the WWE ring.

It’s been a crazy year for Nikki and Brie Bella, the twins who made it big in the world of WWE be­fore be­com­ing break­out stars on E!’s To­tal Di­vas and land­ing their own spin-off, To­tal Bel­las (which re­cently re­turned for Sea­son 2). In early April, Nikki got en­gaged to fel­low pro wrestler John Cena and, just two days later, an­nounced she was tak­ing time off from the WWE be­cause of a neck in­jury. Then on May 9, Brie — who had taken a break from wrestling in April 2016 to fo­cus on start­ing a fam­ily with her hus­band, for­mer wrestler Bryan Daniel­son ( known to fans by his wrestling name, Daniel Bryan) — wel­comed her first child, daugh­ter Birdie. “When it rains, it pours,” says Brie. “Like, could we have spread this all out over a few years?” Add in the launch of their new Youtube chan­nel, their Birdiebee cloth­ing line and a new wine la­bel, and one might

wonder how the sibs, 33, keep their heads above water. “We’re each other’s sup­port sys­tem,” says Nikki. “We have a spe­cial twin bond and give each other a cer­tain amount of strength.” Here, the badass sis­ters talk to In Touch’s Melissa Roberto about moth­er­hood, wed­ding plan­ning and whether they’ll ever get back in the ring again.

Can you imag­ine go­ing through all of th­ese life changes with­out each other? BB: No. I couldn’t do it with­out Nikki, and with­out Bryan and John. NB: Brie is my rock. I don’t cry a lot, but when I do, she’s the shoul­der I cry on. I couldn’t make it with­out her. So you’re best friends? BB: Yes! We Facetime and text all day long. It’s crazy. NB: We’ll be do­ing things around the house and just keep each other on Facetime.

No sib­ling ri­valry at all?! NB: There are times I’ve been en­vi­ous of Brie. Like she can smash burg­ers and still keep such a tight lit­tle fig­ure! BB: Not any­more! [ Laughs]

Brie, tell us about be­com­ing a mom. BB: I love it. It’s hard, I will say that. But so re­ward­ing.

What are your fa­vorite mo­ments with Birdie? BB: When she wakes up and sees me, she smiles. And then she stretches like I do. Also, breast-feed­ing is my fa­vorite thing in the world. And she’s so warm and cozy in the morn­ing.

And, Nikki, con­grats on get­ting en­gaged! NB: Thank you! Some­times I look down [at my ring] and I’m still like, “Oh my gosh, I’m en­gaged!” I don’t think it will sink in un­til our sec­ond or third wed­ding an­niver­sary!

Done any wed­ding plan­ning yet? NB: I have a date set and a wed­ding dress, and now I just need to do every­thing in be­tween. It won’t be for a while be­cause we’re both so busy and I want to be a fi­ancée for a while. I have for­ever to be mar­ried.

What about wrestling? Will you guys get back in the ring? BB: We miss it ter­ri­bly. NB: I think about it ev­ery day. Once you have the pas­sion for wrestling, you can’t for­get it. BB: I say we make a come­back in 2018 as the Bella Twins, not in­di­vid­u­als. NB: I agree! It’s a deal! ◼

NEW MOM “I’m so in love,” Brie gushes of her daugh­ter, Birdie.

RE­AL­ITY TV “Fam­ily is al­ways first,” say the twins, who star in Sea­son 2 of To­tal Bel­las with their men, John (left) and Bryan, 36.

SO CLOSE “We’ve al­ways been each other’s big­gest cheer­leader,” says Brie (left). SUR­PRISE EN­GAGE­MENT John, 40, shocked Nikki and fans with a pro­posal dur­ing a live WWE event.

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