The Fight of Se­lena’s Life

She got a new kid­ney, but Se­lena Gomez’s health bat­tle is far from over

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Her secret was fi­nally out. This sum­mer, Se­lena Gomez un­der­went surgery af­ter years of strug­gling with lu­pus, a de­bil­i­tat­ing au­toim­mune disease in which the body at­tacks its own healthy tis­sues and or­gans. “I found out I needed to get a kid­ney trans­plant due to my lu­pus and [ have been] re­cov­er­ing,” Se­lena con­fessed in an emo­tional Sept. 14 In­sta­gram post in which she re­vealed her bomb­shell news and thanked her “in­cred­i­ble team of doc­tors” as well as her kid­ney donor, close friend Fran­cia Raisa. “It was,” she ex­plained, “what I needed to do for my over­all health.”

But Se­lena is still fac­ing the fight of her life. She will now re­quire life­long treat­ment, doc­tors tell In Touch, and there’s a chance her body could re­ject her new kid­ney. “The idea that she has or­gan in­volve­ment sug­gests her lu­pus in gen­eral is more se­ri­ous,” says Dr. Robert Fafalak, a NYC rheuma­tol­o­gist and lu­pus ex­pert who hasn’t treated Se­lena. It is se­ri­ous. As her con­di­tion wors­ened last spring, “Se­lena was scared,” says an in­sider. Even now, de­spite ap­pear­ances — the 25-year-old looked beau­ti­ful, ro­bust and healthy dur­ing sev­eral out­ings in NYC in the days be­fore her

an­nounce­ment — she could still be in dan­ger be­cause her chronic disease can at­tack her new kid­ney just as it did her old one. “Other or­gans, like the lungs, can be­come in­volved, too,” adds Dr. Fafalak. “Your life span when you have some­thing like this could po­ten­tially be short­ened.”

She’s faced one bat­tle af­ter another, es­pe­cially in the past year. Af­ter can­cel­ing her world tour, Se­lena en­tered treat­ment last fall to deal with the anx­i­ety, panic at­tacks and de­pres­sion she said were side ef­fects of lu­pus. But her health con­tin­ued to de­cline. “In the months af­ter she got back from re­hab, she was com­plain­ing a lot about be­ing sick all of the time, feel­ing slug­gish and gain­ing weight,” says the in­sider. “When she found out that she needed a trans­plant, she pan­icked.” (Ac­cord­ing to Dr. Jane Salmon, di­rec­tor of the Lu­pus Cen­ter of Ex­cel­lence at the Hospi­tal for Spe­cial Surgery in NYC, who hasn’t treated Se­lena, when “you have kid­ney fail­ure… the only ap­proach is dial­y­sis or kid­ney trans­plan­ta­tion.”) Se­lena found hope af­ter learn­ing Fran­cia was a match. Still, says the in­sider, th­ese past few months have been ex­cru­ci­at­ing: “It has taken all her strength to get through this.”

There’s also a pos­si­bil­ity that she will need another trans­plant in the fu­ture. So Dr. Fafalak says Se­lena will have to com­mit to a clean life­style. As mul­ti­ple sources have told In Touch, Se­lena has a his­tory of drink­ing and partying. “I would say ‘no, no, no’ to every­thing like that,” says Dr. Fafalak. “Not even for a pe­riod of time. For­ever.”

Se­lena is de­ter­mined to live a long life. “Every­thing has changed. She still goes out and has fun, but she’s look­ing af­ter her­self more, and [ her boyfriend] The Weeknd is by her side,” says a source. “She has a new outlook on life now.” ◼

“Se­lena had no choice but to have a trans­plant,” says a source.

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