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Tom San­doval and Ari­ana Madix open up to In Touch about shak­ing things up on their hit re­al­ity show

Putting your re­la­tion­ship on TV def­i­nitely has its ups and downs, but af­ter count­less hours of drama on Van­der­pump Rules, Tom San­doval, 34, and Ari­ana Madix, 32, have proven that they’re com­mit­ted to each other. “We re­spect and have a lot of pride in each other — I think that solves 99 per­cent of prob­lems,” Tom tells In Touch of the ro­mance, which hit a “dry spell” this year when Ari­ana strug­gled with body in­se­cu­ri­ties. “I just try to fo­cus on be­ing a pos­i­tive in­flu­ence.” As for deal­ing with fans’ in­ter­est in their per­sonal lives, they find al­co­hol makes it eas­ier. “I’m not go­ing to lie, be­fore I go into SUR, I usu­ally have a drink and a shot,” ad­mits Tom, who’s still ex­pected to work while field­ing re­quests for self­ies. Adds Ari­ana: “It helps!” Here, the cou­ple spill to In Touch’s Katie Bruno about their cast­mates and co-work­ers’ love lives, their own karaoke ob­ses­sion and whether they’ve re­ally sworn off mar­riage.

Is it re­ally that stress­ful at work with fans com­ing into the restau­rant? TS: It’s great but it’s in­tense. AM: Things can get crazy re­ally fast, es­pe­cially if Tom and I are bar­tend­ing by our­selves and peo­ple are ask­ing for pho­tos. It helps to have an­other bar­tender there.

Un­der­stand­able — fans get re­ally in­vested in the drama, like when Jax [Tay­lor] cheated on Brit­tany [Cartwright]. TS: The funny thing about that is that our au­di­ence seemed to think I was on Jax’s side, which is 100 per­cent not the case! I was com­pletely and to­tally on Brit­tany’s side. It seems like you have his back no mat­ter what. TS: He’s my friend, but I con­stantly don’t have his

back! I get re­ally an­gry with him when he screws up. But he and Brit­tany are happy right now.

Ari­ana, you were pre­vi­ously in an abu­sive re­la­tion­ship, which led to in­ti­macy is­sues with Tom. How are you work­ing through that? AM: When you al­ready have in­se­cu­ri­ties about your­self and you get in a re­la­tion­ship with some­one who touches on those things, they be­come more val­i­dated. And it’s crazy how a lot of the things that [my ex] said were echoed on so­cial me­dia once I was on TV. Even though Tom was very un­der­stand­ing and sup­port­ive, it was still grow­ing in my own mind and be­com­ing an un­tam­able beast. I re­ally feel like talk­ing about it has helped me get through it. TS: Ev­ery­body has in­se­cu­ri­ties and de­mons. It’s easy to get fo­cused on some­thing you find neg­a­tive about your­self, but it’s not re­ally that big of a deal. AM: Ob­vi­ously things aren’t al­ways perfect. When I get dressed in the morn­ing it’s al­ways a strug­gle if I have to look cute. So it’s great to have Tom and my close friends, who are just re­ally sup­port­ive. It helps you move out of those neg­a­tive spa­ces.

You’ve been open about not want­ing to get mar­ried — any chance you’ve changed your mind? AM: Uh, no.

How do you feel about that, Tom? TS: Right now, it’s re­ally not an is­sue. We don’t need a $60,000 wed­ding bill to know how much we love each other.

In five years, where do you hope to be? AM: I hope that Tom and I live in a big, beau­ti­ful house and I’m killing it in the world! I have lots of goals — a cock­tail book, an ac­tivewear line, I want to be a se­ries reg­u­lar on a scripted TV show…. That’s why I’m so stressed out! TS: I def­i­nitely want to be with Ari­ana. And get a new paint­ball gun. And a puppy! ◼

with… TOM& ARI­ANA REA­SON TO CEL­E­BRATE “I feel very lucky,” says Tom, who slings drinks and co-stars on Bravo’s hit show along­side Ari­ana.

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