Ohanian, 33, be­came a mul­ti­mil­lion­aire at 23, when Red­dit, the com­mu­nity dis­cus­sion site he cre­ated with his col­lege room­mate, Steve Huff­man, was ac­quired by Condé Nast. Af­ter tak­ing a step back from Red­dit for five years, he re­turned to the San Fran­cisco

Inc. (USA) - - LAUNCH -

12 AM

Af­ter watch­ing West­world and read­ing dis­cus­sions on r/ West­world to fully un­der­stand what I just saw, I fall asleep.

1-6 AM


6 AM

Wake up and FaceTime Ser­ena. (She’s cur­rently on Eastern Time.) This is re­ally im­por­tant to me.


I do free weights and body weight ex­er­cises, fol­lowed by a smoothie (mixed with Soy­lent, baby spinach, whey pro­tein, maca, chia, and sprouted flaxseeds) for break­fast. This is the most im­por­tant in­vest­ment in my day. I re­ally hate when I miss it.

8 AM

Pack and go to air­port. I need to start pack­ing the night be­fore, but I rarely do. TSA Pre saves my life al­most every other flight. I’ll usu­ally get a flat white cof­fee at the air­port.

9 AM

Flight from SFO to LAX, dur­ing which I plow through email and browse Red­dit. I read a book dur­ing take­off and land­ing pe­ri­ods, but as soon as that bell dings, the lap­top is out and I’m on­line.

10 AM

Land and head to first meet­ing. LAX can be a night­mare with con­ges­tion, so I call my on-de­mand car as soon as I get off the plane. I travel with carry-on only, and the car is usu­ally there wait­ing for me.

11 AM

Prep meet­ing (for the pitch meet­ing later to­day) at a nearby bagel place. I or­der a tap wa­ter—I drink a ton of it to keep me healthy on the road. The team is very well pre­pared for the pitch meet­ing, so this is re­ally just a fi­nal run-through. Ev­ery­one al­ready knows their parts.

12 PM

Pitch meet­ing.

pitch tip Speak con­fi­dently about your prod­uct, but be able to ad­mit when you need more in­for­ma­tion, and get it to the peo­ple you’re pitch­ing quickly af­ter the meet­ing.

1 PM

I head to Red­dit’s L.A. of­fice in ter­ri­ble traf­fic. I’m al­ways teth­er­ing my phone and typ­ing away on my lap­top in the back­seat of my on-de­mand car.

2 PM

Lunch with team at a nearby ra­men spot af­ter drop­ping off my carry-on at my apart­ment. Ra­men in L.A. is much bet­ter than ra­men in San Fran­cisco. That’s just a fact. Loads of spots let you or­der with an iPad like in Ja­pan, which makes it taste bet­ter, I prom­ise. Get it spicy.

3 PM

I block this time to work on emails. I use my in­box as a to-do list and re­ally work to keep it un­der 50.

4 PM

More emails. Every 20 min­utes or so (the Po­modoro Tech­nique), I let my­self browse Red­dit or send Ser­ena a ran­dom bit­moji snap.

5 PM

Travel with sales lead to happy hour drinks with client. 6PM Dis­cuss the fu­ture of ad­ver­tis­ing and en­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try over drinks.


More talk and drinks. Then a call to Ser­ena, to tuck her in. I try to make sure I’m the first and last per­son she talks to every day.

8 PM

Din­ner meet­ing with tal­ent for po­ten­tial up­com­ing project. We dis­cuss what’s miss­ing in the world of orig­i­nal con­tent cre­ation and tele­vi­sion.

9 PM

More of that.

10 PM

More of that, less pro­fes­sional talk now.

11 PM

Head home. Fall asleep around mid­night watch­ing Mr. Ro­bot.

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