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Most work­ing moms barely have time to shove their hair in a scrunchy, but Minkoff, 36, mother of two, runs (with her brother Uri) one of Amer­ica’s hottest fash­ion la­bels, and she is ex­pected to look and act the part at all times. Her pro­duc­tiv­ity hacks are part oc­to­pus, part Bey­oncé, and to­tally geared to drive her com­pany for­ward while giv­ing her more time with her young fam­ily. 12 AM Sleep. 1 AM Three times a night, two adorable lit­tle mon­sters wake us up! Around 1, Luca will come into our room and get into bed with us.

SLEEP 7 hours

2 AM Bowie wakes up usu­ally two times a night. My hus­band, Gavin, or I will go into her room and lie with her. 3-7AM Sleep. 7AM Hav­ing read Ari­anna Huff­in­g­ton’s book The Sleep Rev­o­lu­tion, I try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. My kids get around nine. A good night’s sleep helps my pro­duc­tiv­ity, health, and over­all hap­pi­ness through­out the day. That and cof­fee—lots of it! EAT 1.5 hours 8 AM For break­fast, I usu­ally make smooth­ies, Greek yo­gurt with honey, or eggs with fruit. And cof­fee. I get the kids dressed and pack their lunches. I make sure I don’t sched­ule any meet­ings un­til 9:30 so that I am able to walk my kids to school in the morn­ing.

COM­MUTE 1 hour

9 AM I com­mute to work around 9:15 or 9:30. If I have a lot of calls that morn­ing, I’ll take a cab, but oth­er­wise I take the sub­way and use that time to catch up on email.

EX­ER­CISE 0.5 hour

Twice a week, I work out with a per­sonal trainer. I like work­ing out in the morn­ing. It’s a great way to start the day and makes me su­per pro­duc­tive. 10 AM I ar­rive at work. If I have a full day of meet­ings off­site, I sched­ule them in or­der of lo­ca­tion so I’m not wast­ing time trav­el­ing back and forth. 11 AM work meet­ings If I know I’m go­ing to be on a long call, I’ll try to fol­low up on emails dur­ing that time. I try to do two things at once.

MEET­INGS 3.5 hours

12 PM work meet­ings I try to get a man­i­cure or pedicure dur­ing lunch or my hair and makeup done if I have a photo shoot or an event that evening or the next day. 1 PM work meet­ings I com­bine meet­ings with break­fast and lunch. I also try to get out­side for lunch, even to just grab a cof­fee. Ev­ery­one needs fresh air. 2 PM work meet­ings 3 PM work meet­ings If I have long photo shoots, I like to sched­ule them ei­ther in the morn­ing, so I have the af­ter­noon for meet­ings, or vice versa.

WORK 5.5 hours

4 PM work meet­ings Depend­ing on my evening com­mit­ments for the week, I try to sched­ule my hair and makeup so that I can “Bey­oncé it” for more than one event. This means, for ex­am­ple, get­ting my hair done Mon­day morn­ing for a Mon­day night event, sleep­ing in hair and makeup, and wak­ing up for a photo shoot on Tues­day morn­ing with the same hair and makeup! 5 PM work meet­ings I make sure that my lat­est meet­ing most days is at 5:30 and ends by 6 so I can get home. 6 PM I go home for the day un­less I have an event af­ter work. I’d rather get home at 6:30 to have din­ner with my kids, and then work later that night. I com­mit to evening events or din­ners only two or three times a week so I can spend time with my fam­ily. My hus­band and I try to have date night a few times a month so we can spend time to­gether as well. 7 PM Un­less I have a work event, my hus­band and I play with the kids, and then start cook­ing and have din­ner. 8-9 PM I dis­con­nect from my email at night so I can fo­cus on time with my kids. Emails can wait un­til the next day. FAM­ILY 5 hours 10 PM We try to get the kids in bed by 10:30. This gives me plenty of time to play with them when I get home. 11 PM I do emails and work af­ter the kids are asleep so I don’t miss time with them.

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