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I am so im­pressed with Cal’s sched­ule. If he can get enough sleep, have fam­ily time, and ex­er­cise while run­ning a ma­jor com­pany, so can ev­ery­one else. Note the sleep: eight hours. Not ev­ery­one needs eight hours, but what­ever your happy sleep num­ber is, do what you can to struc­ture your life to get it. FAM­ILY TIME CAN BE ANY­TIME Morn­ings are great for spend­ing with fam­ily. If fam­ily din­ner isn’t hap­pen­ing be­cause of your crazy work sched­ule, break­fast is a great sub­sti­tute. MAN­AGE YOUR MEET­INGS Meet­ings ex­pand to fill the avail­able space. And if they’re stacked up, back to back, it’s easy for the sched­ule to fall apart when one runs late. Cal guards against this by putting in an open half-hour at 2:30 p.m. This slack keeps ev­ery­thing run­ning on time.

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