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Ev­ery­one is aware why high-pro­file artists like Jay-z and Tay­lor Swift have re­port­edly pushed back against the mu­sic on de­mand model. It is not easy to sit back and hope for your songs to get streamed over 1,000 times in or­der to make the same amount of money, which you once made on a ba­sic 10-track al­bum. Tough, isn’t it?

Both high-pro­file singers aren’t fight­ing against the con­cept of stream­ing, but against the busi­ness model, which pays frac­tions of cents per stream.

Jay-z, in March 2014, launched an in­de­pen­dent mu­sic on de­mand ser­vice- Tidal. The ser­vice aimed at chang­ing the course of en­tire mu­sic his­tory, but so far, the course has been hard for the ser­vice since its launch, and as a mat­ter a fact, has been sub­jected to a heavy crit­i­cism. So far, the com­pany has lost two CEOS and with a strict sub­scrip­tion plan, $10 per month, it com­petes with free web­sites and ver­sions of stream­ing ser­vices.

On the other hand, Tay­lor Swift has re­ceived a fair amount of suc­cess while deal­ing with the mat­ter of stream­ing. As an out­spo­ken ad­ver­sary of

On-de­mand stream­ing mu­sic ser­vices have carved their own niche by build­ing an in­cen­tive of ‘Pay for only what you ac­tu­ally lis­ten’ into the world of the mu­sic in­dus­try to cre­ate works with last­ing value.

stream­ing and file shar­ing as de­bas­ing mu­sic, she has held her work from mu­sic on de­mand ser­vices such as Spo­tify. Not only this, she also threat­ened to hold back her mega-hit ‘1989’ record from Ap­ple Mu­sic. The IOS gi­ant, to its credit, promised to pay for ‘ per stream’ ba­sis to all artists in re­sponse.

As the busi­ness of mu­sic, be­gan ex­pand­ing, grad­u­ally and ag­o­niz­ingly, across the dig­i­tal age’s rack, the con­ve­nient spot amid the roy­alty flow of mu­sic for the song­writ­ers started de­te­ri­o­rat­ing. The out­ra­geous de­cline in sales of the al­bum, the re­sult of the shift to dig­i­tal re­tail from brick and mor­tar, and now the mu­sic on de­mand trend, has given a ma­jor blow to me­chan­i­cal roy­alty in­come of song­writ­ers.

So far, the roy­alty rates for per­for­mances, which song­writ­ers de­mand from stream­ing ser­vices, for in­stance, Youtube, Pan­dora, Ama­zon Prime, Ap­ple Mu­sic, Spo­tify, etc, are lower than the pay­outs of­fered by ter­res­trial-ra­dio, in most cases.

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