International Artist - - Watercolour Demonstration -


Paint the body of the horse with a large wa­ter­color brush that has been dipped into the mix of cobalt blue and red ochre. Do not rigidly de­pict the struc­ture or de­tails of the reins or the sad­dle, but ap­ply a sweep­ing touch ac­cord­ing to the over­all struc­ture of the horse body. Paint the face of the coach­man in scar­let. Fi­nally, mix ochre with mad­der red pig­ment, and paint the ground with a large brush. When the paint­ing turns dry, cover the en­tire paint­ing with an ul­tra­ma­rine hue with a flat top brush and when it dries add to the en­tire paint­ing a mad­der red hue.

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