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Part 76

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Squar­ing Off Forms

It is dif­fi­cult to rep­re­sent round forms be­cause of the large num­ber of small value changes. If you try to rep­re­sent these value changes by blend­ing, it is easy to lose the sense of form. Too much blend­ing also de­stroys the color. To solve this prob­lem, square off all round forms be­fore paint­ing them.

Think of the round form as an ap­ple you have just cut with a knife to re­move the peel. Cut it in such a way that you re­place all the curved sur­faces by a se­ries of planes. You can then as­sign the var­i­ous types of light to each of these planes.

Once you have mas­tered an ap­ple or a pear, or some other sim­ple round ob­ject, you can then ap­ply the same prin­ci­ple to a more com­plex form, such as a flower, a cup, rocks on the beach or even heads. Go to the In­ter­na­tional Artist web­site­ter­na­tion­ and click on Vir­tual Art Acad­emy®. To learn more about how to make your forms ap­pear three-di­men­sional, see the Vir­tual Art Acad­emy Ap­pren­tice Pro­gram work­shops D, F, G, I, J, K, L and P.

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