Greg Dow

On­tario, Canada, Be­tween Chap­ters, acrylic, 24 x 36"

International Artist - - Art Challenge -

My In­spi­ra­tion

My work in­creas­ingly fo­cuses on the hu­man con­di­tion. I want to de­velop im­ages that con­vey a feel­ing of place and am­bi­ence and touch each viewer in a dif­fer­ent and per­sonal way. Al­though a glimpse of a room, a sin­gle ob­ject or an emo­tion may be the spark for me, the fi­nal vi­sion for a paint­ing evolves slowly dur­ing work on other paint­ings and may be far re­moved from the ini­tial trig­ger. In­spi­ra­tion comes from many lev­els: psy­cho­log­i­cal, spir­i­tual and tech­ni­cal. This piece arises from many sum­mers of quiet soli­tude mixed with strange mys­tery spent at the fam­ily cot­tage. The painted in­te­rior looks very dif­fer­ent from our cot­tage but cap­tures the peace­ful essence of the place and how those long, hot days are fad­ing to dreams.

My De­sign Strat­egy

For this piece, as with most of my work, I be­gan by de­vel­op­ing sev­eral rough com­po­si­tions of the vi­sion I wanted to cap­ture. I re-worked, scrapped and uni­fied dif­fer­ent ap­proaches un­til one de­sign emerged as the best ex­pres­sion of the idea. The de­sign stage took at least as long as ex­e­cut­ing the ac­tual paint­ing. The draft ver­sions var­ied in de­tail such as the place­ment and ori­en­ta­tion of the fig­ure, sub­tle changes in the view­ing an­gle, and experiments with dif­fer­ent wall­pa­per pat­tern, fur­nish­ings, car­pet place­ment and light­ing. Ex­per­i­men­tal drafts are im­por­tant to bring out de­sign prob­lems and ex­pose ar­eas that will ben­e­fit from spe­cial treat­ment in or­der to trans­late my vi­sion into a phys­i­cal paint­ing.

My Work­ing Process

Once sat­is­fied with the de­sign, work on this paint­ing be­gan with a very loose un­der­paint­ing block­ing out the gen­eral tones and com­po­si­tion. This was fol­lowed by as many lay­ers as nec­es­sary to achieve the de­sired re­sult. Each over paint­ing built up de­tail, de­fined ob­jects more clearly, and re­fined the colours and tones. Con­sis­tency of the paint var­ied from heavy and opaque to very thin glazes de­pend­ing on the na­ture of the re­gion be­ing de­vel­oped. I ap­plied a coat of clear gloss medium be­tween each layer to in­crease colour bril­liance. The fi­nal lay­ers were painted with a slow-dry­ing acrylic in or­der to fa­cil­i­tate blend­ing di­rectly on the sur­face and al­low am­ple time for the fi­nal touches.

Con­tact De­tails

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