The Color of Light

International Artist - - Artistic Elements: Part 4 -

We want light that looks real not pasty. If the source of light is yel­low (sun) then the sur­face re­ceiv­ing that light will have some yel­low. How much de­pends on the sat­u­ra­tion of color on the sur­face re­ceiv­ing the light and the strength of the light it­self. Our girl on the left has a white dress with blue/yel­low graph­ics. The dress shadow will be dom­i­nantly blue-grey while the ar­eas ex­posed to light will be “whitish,” with some yel­low. “Whitish” be­cause it’s con­tam­i­nated by the air par­ti­cles car­ry­ing dust, mois­ture, etc. The high­light is done in lay­ers. The trick is not to cover the

pre­vi­ous layer with the next one. Start with a value two down from the gen­eral value of the high­light. As you ad­vance from the broad foun­da­tion high­light through to the last dot high­light, the area cov­ered de­creases while the value and thick­ness in­creases. The last high­light is small, high value and im­pasto.

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