Apps to Help Boost Your Typing Speed

iPhone Life Magazine - - Education - By Brit­tany Vin­cent

While iOS sup­plies its own ex­cel­lent key­board and pre­dic­tive text fea­tures, for some, it’s just not quick enough. Ea­ger typ­ists want ad­di­tional fea­tures, al­ter­na­tive meth­ods of en­try, and—most of all—speed. As some­one who takes tex­ting and on-the-go con­tent cre­ation se­ri­ously, I've eval­u­ated sev­eral op­tions for the quick­est way to get my mes­sage across on my iPhone. Th­ese apps have im­proved my typing speed ex­po­nen­tially. They just might help you as well!

With iOS 8 on your phone, you'll be able to make third party apps like th­ese your de­fault key­board. To learn more about iOS 8, turn to page 16. TouchPal Key­board (Free) Are you an An­droid con­vert look­ing for a wor­thy iOS al­ter­na­tive to Swype? You need TouchPal, which al­lows you to zip from let­ter to let­ter with light­ning speed us­ing its slid­ing in­put sys­tem. The method can take a few tries to mas­ter, but once you fig­ure it out, you'll won­der how you ever got along with­out it. SwiftKey Note (Free) SwiftKey, an An­droid fa­vorite for years, is now avail­able on iOS. Its im­proved in­ter­face lets you glide through sen­tences like a sea­soned pro, au­to­cor­rect­ing words as you go and of­fer­ing sug­ges­tions for your next word be­fore you even type it. SwiftKey is built on the Ever­note plat­form, back­ing up notes and learn­ing your typing style based on your Ever­note ar­chive. Once you get ac­cus­tomed to SwiftKey and its star­tlingly ac­cu­rate pre­dic­tive text tech­nol­ogy, you’ll find your­self spend­ing less time reread­ing and delet­ing words from text mes­sages and emails. Flick­Key Key­board Notes ($2.99) Flick­Key may look slightly omi­nous, but don't let its un­usual key ar­range­ments scare you away. It's ac­tu­ally quite handy, with six square but­tons adorned with let­ters on the top row and punc­tu­a­tion but­tons on the bot­tom. You can choose to ei­ther tap or swipe, and once you mem­o­rize let­ter place­ment, you'll be writ­ing nov­els on your phone in no time. Mes­sagEase (Free) Mes­sagEase is one of the most ca­pa­ble typing apps you can find on the App Store. Its stream­lined key­board, which fea­tures larger and fewer keys than Ap­ple’s de­fault key­board, is de­signed to make the let­ters you use fre­quently most ac­ces­si­ble. Once you get ac­cli­mated to the slid­ing mo­tions and hi­er­ar­chy of the let­ters, Mes­sagEase will act as a pow­er­ful re­place­ment for the orig­i­nal iPhone key­board.

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