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IBooks vs. Apps: Which Plat­form is Best?

iPhone Life Magazine - - Education - By kevin mcneish

How do peo­ple best ab­sorb ed­u­ca­tional con­tent and new con­cepts, via iBooks or iOS apps? As an app de­vel­oper and ed­u­ca­tor, this is a ques­tion I of­ten field at speak­ing en­gage­ments and through on­line fo­rums. Ap­ple has cre­ated two great plat­forms to choose from, so it of­ten comes down to de­cid­ing which one is bet­ter suited to the type of con­tent you’re of­fer­ing. In this ar­ti­cle, I ex­plore the strengths and weak­nesses of each plat­form to help you make the best choice.

cre­at­ing con­tent with ibooks

iBooks are Multi-Touch mo­bile pub­li­ca­tions cre­ated with Ap­ple’s iBooks plat­form. Th­ese books in­clude wid­gets that can con­tain video, im­age gal­leries, in­ter­ac­tive di­a­grams, 3D ob­jects, and math­e­mat­i­cal ex­pres­sions.

Since Ap­ple re­leased Mav­er­icks last year, read­ers can view iBooks on their Macs as well as on their iPads—a def­i­nite ad­van­tage over iOS book apps that only work on iOS de­vices.

Cre­at­ing Multi-Touch books with iBooks Au­thor is rel­a­tively easy. If you can find your way around a word pro­ces­sor, you can use iBooks Au­thor to cre­ate high-qual­ity books. This is a big draw for ed­u­ca­tors look­ing to cre­ate and main­tain con­trol over their own con­tent.

When I cre­ated my book se­ries iOS App Devel­op­ment for NonPro­gram­mers, I chose the Multi-Touch iBooks plat­form be­cause it pro­vided all the tools that I needed to teach pro­gram­ming con­cepts to begin­ners. For ex­am­ple, since most begin­ners get stuck due to sim­ple mis­takes, I in­cluded a video in each chap­ter that shows me per­form­ing all the steps out­lined in the text. If the reader runs into trou­ble, he or she can watch the video to see

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