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Top Tips for Mak­ing the Most of Your Next Ex­cur­sion

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Whether you're trav­el­ing for busi­ness or plea­sure, your iPhone can be one of the most im­por­tant things you pack—help­ing you find your way, cap­ture the sights, and han­dle busi­ness on the road.

Keep Your iPhone Se­cure

Sus­pend Ap­ple Pay If your phone is lost or stolen, you'll prob­a­bly worry about the se­cu­rity of your credit card in­for­ma­tion in Ap­ple Pay. For­tu­nately, Ap­ple Pay is au­to­mat­i­cally suspended when you set your iPhone to Lost Mode in Find My iPhone. You can also re­move credit cards by log­ging into iCloud.com, go­ing to Set­tings, se­lect­ing the de­vice in ques­tion, and then click­ing Re­move un­der­neath the card listed. Find Your Lost iPhone, Even if the Bat­tery Dies Find My iPhone can be a real life­saver if you mis­place your iPhone on the road. While the ser­vice only works if your iPhone's bat­tery is charged, it can send your phone's lo­ca­tion to Ap­ple just be­fore its bat­tery dies, sav­ing you the painstak­ing process of re­trac­ing all your steps. Sim­ply go to Set­tings > iCloud > Find My iPhone and tog­gle Send Last Lo­ca­tion on. Now when your life­less iPhone goes miss­ing, all you'll have to do is open Find My iPhone on an­other iDe­vice (or in iCloud on a com­puter) and click on the iPhone to spot its last known lo­ca­tion.

Don’t Lose Your Data In the un­for­tu­nate case that you do lose your iPhone per­ma­nently, you don't have to say good­bye to all your data and pho­tos too. Set your iDe­vice to au­to­mat­i­cally up­date via iCloud by go­ing to Set­tings > iCloud > Backup and turn­ing on iCloud Backup. You'll get a mes­sage say­ing your iPhone will no longer back up via iTunes when plugged into a com­puter. Click OK and sign in to iCloud. Your iPhone will now up­date ev­ery time it's plugged in, turned off, and con­nected to Wi-Fi.

Nav­i­gate Like a Pro

Change Miles to Kilo­me­ters in Maps The United States is one of the few coun­tries in the world that still uses the im­pe­rial sys­tem. Trav­el­ing out­side the States can re­quire try­ing to con­vert miles to kilo­me­ters. For­tu­nately, it's easy to change the set­tings in Maps to show dis­tances in kilo­me­ters rather than miles. Just go to Set­tings > Maps and tap In Kilo­me­ters un­der Dis­tances. Now all dis­tances will ap­pear in kilo­me­ters in Maps. Ac­cess Third-Party Apps in Ap­ple Maps Want a sec­ond opin­ion on di­rec­tions from Ap­ple Maps? To ac­cess third-party maps while us­ing Ap­ple's de­fault Maps app, start by re­quest­ing di­rec­tions as you or­di­nar­ily would. When Maps re­sponds with an over­view, a menu will ap­pear at the top with three op­tions: Drive, Walk, and Apps. Tap­ping Apps will open a menu of nav­i­ga­tion apps avail­able on your phone or in the App Store. Se­lect the app of your choice, and it will launch and show you your route.

Han­dle Busi­ness from the Road

Make Sure Events Are in the Right Time Zone It's im­por­tant to keep track of your ap­point­ments when trav­el­ing across time zones, and the Cal­en­dar app makes this easy to do. While cre­at­ing or edit­ing an event, tap Start and then Time Zone. En­ter the city where your event is tak­ing place. Next, set the start time and then en­ter the lo­ca­tion of the event. The event page will now show you the proper times.

Cre­ate Email Outof-Of­fice Auto Re­ply Un­for­tu­nately, it's not pos­si­ble to set up an auto re­ply us­ing your iPhone. In­stead you'll need to log in to iCloud.com on a web browser and click on the Mail icon. Next, click on the gear icon at the bot­tom of the left side­bar, se­lect Pref­er­ences from the pop-up menu, and choose the Va­ca­tion tab. Fi­nally, se­lect “Au­to­mat­i­cally re­ply to mes­sages when they are re­ceived,” and type in your re­ply mes­sage. Now you're ready to leave work be­hind guilt-free!

Doc­u­ment & Share All the Fun

Share All Those Sight­see­ing Pho­tos You can share your va­ca­tion pho­tos with friends and fam­ily by go­ing to Shared in the Pho­tos app and then tap­ping the “+” icon to cre­ate a new al­bum. You'll be prompted to name the al­bum and in­vite peo­ple to join. Next, open the al­bum and tap the “+” icon to add images. Tap the Peo­ple tab on the bot­tom to see who you've al­ready in­vited and to share it with even more peo­ple.

Put Your­self in All Your Va­ca­tion Pho­tos What could be bet­ter than a photo of a fa­mous land­mark? The same photo but with you in it! Use your iPhone's timer (and a tri­pod) to put your­self in all your va­ca­tion pho­tos. Tap the timer icon at the top of the screen in the Cam­era app's Photo or Square mode. Choose the 3or 10-sec­ond timer, tap the shut­ter, and get into po­si­tion.

Cap­ture the Sights Us­ing Panorama Mode Panorama mode in Cam­era is per­fect for cap­tur­ing the sights while you travel. In your Cam­era app, swipe left through the op­tions un­til you come to PANO. Di­rec­tions will ap­pear on the screen. Tap the shut­ter but­ton and slowly and steadily move your iPhone from left to right, keep­ing the ar­row steady on the yel­low line. Panorama mode can cap­ture up to 240 de­grees, but you can stop any time by tap­ping the shut­ter but­ton.







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