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Point Break ($14.99 buy; $3.99 rent) This 1991 film about a gang of surf­ing bank rob­bers led by Pa­trick Swayze, and FBI agent Keanu Reeves who goes un­der­cover to catch them, is a campy sum­mer fa­vorite. It may not be Os­car-wor­thy (although the direc­tor, Kathryn Bigelow, went on to win one for The Hurt Locker), but it's a cult clas­sic, as proven by the le­gion of fans that have made the Broad­way adap­ta­tion a smash hit.

Jaws ($9.99 buy, $3.99 rent) Jaws may be the best-known beach movie ever, but it may not in­spire you to jump in the wa­ter. This clas­sic Steven Spiel­berg thriller re­de­fined sum­mer movies for­ever, and the iconic theme song still sends chills up many peo­ples' spines. Save this one for the trip home, or you'll be look­ing over your shoul­der ev­ery time you swim.

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