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Sa­fari, Ap­ple's built-in mo­bile browser, al­lows you to surf the web, make online pur­chases, and save web­pages di­rectly from your iPhone. This is an in­cred­i­bly use­ful tool if you're in a pinch and find that you need to look some­thing up online.


Type URLs and search terms in Sa­fari's search bar lo­cated at the top of a web­page or new tab. As you type, a drop­down menu of search re­sults will ap­pear, which you can tap to se­lect. You can also search for words on your cur­rent page by typ­ing them in the search bar and then scrolling down the drop­down menu un­til you see “On This Page.” The first in­stance will be high­lighted in yel­low. At the lower left, you'll see two ar­rows, which you can use to view other matches.


The menu bar at the bot­tom of the page in­cludes the fol­low­ing but­tons: back, for­ward, share, book­marks, and tabs. The search bar and menu dis­ap­pear as you be­gin to scroll down. To make them reap­pear, just scroll up. Swip­ing left or right takes you back or for­ward in your search history. To re­turn to the top of the page, just tap the top of the screen. To open a new tab, tap the stacked-pages icon in the menu bar, and tap the “+” but­ton that ap­pears in the menu. Tap the Pri­vate but­ton on the bot­tom left to browse the web with­out sav­ing any history, searches, pass­words, or field en­tries. To close a page, tap the tab icon and swipe left on the page you wish to close or tap the “x” in its top left cor­ner.


If you'd like to share an ar­ti­cle with a friend or save it to read later, tap the Share icon to re­veal a va­ri­ety of op­tions. To view saved ar­ti­cles, tap the open-book icon in the menu bar.

Un­der Book­marks, you'll see your search history and book­marks (which by de­fault are filed un­der Fa­vorites). Tap the read­ing-glasses tab to ac­cess your Read­ing List and the @ tab for links that have been shared with you.


Aut­oFill and iCloud Key­chain work to­gether so that Sa­fari re­mem­bers your name, pass­words, and credit card de­tails, and keeps that in­for­ma­tion synced across your Ap­ple de­vices. To set it up, go to Set­tings > Sa­fari, tap Pass­words & Aut­oFill, and en­able all of the tog­gle bars. Un­der My Info, se­lect your con­tact from the list. En­ter in your credit card in­for­ma­tion, and tap Done to save. Next, go back to Set­tings, tap iCloud, and turn on the Key­chain tog­gle. Next time you fill out a web form in Sa­fari, tap Aut­oFill at the top of the key­board to au­to­mat­i­cally fill in your stored in­for­ma­tion.

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