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Ex­plor­ing Man­ual Ex­po­sure

With man­ual ex­po­sure, Ap­ple al­lows you to con­trol how light and dark your images are, thereby pre­vent­ing washed out na­ture scenes or un­der­ex­posed por­traits at sun­set.

Con­trol­ling ex­po­sure is sim­ple. Just tap your de­sired fo­cal point and a ver­ti­cal line with a sun will ap­pear along­side your fo­cus box. If the ex­po­sure is al­ready set to your lik­ing, great! If not, sim­ply swipe up to lighten your im­age or down to darken it. If you want to quickly re­vert back to the au­to­matic set­tings, just tap on the screen and it will re­fo­cus and au­to­mat­i­cally ex­pose the im­age once again. Us­ing the Self-Timer

Thanks to the self-timer icon lo­cated promi­nently at the top of your screen in the Cam­era app, it's easy to cap­ture self-por­traits or join in on group pic­tures.

To start tak­ing ad­van­tage of this fea­ture, sim­ply tap the self­timer icon in the Cam­era app. You'll be able to choose be­tween a 3-sec­ond timer or a 10-sec­ond one. Once you se­lect your count­down time, tap the shut­ter re­lease and wait for the count­down to fin­ish (your iPhone cam­era's flash will blink as the timer counts down). This should al­low you time to pose for the shot or get in the frame with the rest of your group.

AE/AF Lock lets you lock cus­tom­ized cam­era's set­tings in or­der to main­tain your cho­sen ex­po­sure and sharp­ness. This pre­vents you from hav­ing to re­fo­cus in be­tween each shot and al­lows you to move your cam­era with­out los­ing your set­tings. This is great for tak­ing panoramic photos, since con­sis­tency of ex­po­sure as you move the cam­era is im­por­tant.

To set AE/AF Lock, all you have to do is touch and hold your pre­ferred area of fo­cus un­til the fo­cus square flashes. The AE/AF Lock icon will then ap­pear at the top of your screen. Turn off AE/AF Lock by tap­ping else­where on the screen. Crop­ping Photos

To crop images, launch the Photos app and tap Edit in the top right cor­ner of the im­age you're view­ing. Se­lect the crop/ro­tate icon at the bot­tom and drag the crop­ping han­dles at the cor­ners of your photo. Once you ad­just your im­age as de­sired, just tap and hold your pic­ture and move it around un­til you de­cide which parts you want in your cropped area.

If you have a par­tic­u­lar ra­tio you'd like to ad­here to, there's also an as­pect ra­tio tool in the lower right cor­ner that gives you a va­ri­ety of op­tions. Want to get your photos In­sta­gram ready? Just pick the Square ra­tio! To undo changes, tap Re­set.

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