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Set Up iMes­sage

iMes­sage is a free Ap­ple ser­vice that al­lows you to send mes­sages be­tween iDe­vices us­ing ei­ther your cel­lu­lar data or Wi-Fi. If the mes­sage you send is blue, it's an iMes­sage; if it's green, it's a text mes­sage. To get iMes­sage set up, go to Set­tings > Mes­sages, and then tog­gle iMes­sage on. With iMes­sage, you can send texts from your phone num­ber, email ad­dress, or Ap­ple ID. To spec­ify which to send from, tap Send & Re­ceive within the Mes­sages menu. Here, you can add an­other email you wish to be reached at via iMes­sage and con­trol which ad­dress it uses when start­ing con­ver­sa­tions. How to Switch Be­tween Key­boards

Whether you're flu­ent in an­other lan­guage or want to use a third-party key­board to ex­press your­self, you can do so by go­ing to Set­tings > Gen­eral > Key­board > Key­boards > Add New Key­board. From the list, you can add new key­board op­tions or edit them. Tap Edit in the top right to re­order your ex­ist­ing key­boards or delete them. Re­mem­ber, you must have at least one en­abled.

Now you can ac­cess other key­boards in apps like Mes­sages by tap­ping the globe to the left of the mi­cro­phone or hold­ing down the globe, which gives you a list of the key­boards you've added.

Group Mes­sag­ing is a great way to keep in touch with mul­ti­ple peo­ple si­mul­ta­ne­ously. If you haven't sent a group mes­sage be­fore, make sure Group Mes­sag­ing is on by go­ing to Set­tings > Mes­sages and en­abling the fea­ture.

To start a group mes­sage, open the Mes­sages app and tap the new mes­sage icon. Tap the blue plus sign to en­ter the friends you want to add. Then type your mes­sage and send it. To add an ad­di­tional con­tact to a group mes­sage af­ter you've cre­ated it, tap De­tails and then Add Con­tact. Choose the per­son from your Con­tacts list and press Done. Send and Re­ceive Au­dio Mes­sages

To send an au­dio mes­sage, press and hold on the mi­cro­phone icon to the right of the text en­try box in Mes­sages and be­gin speak­ing. Lift your fin­ger to end record­ing. To hear the mes­sage play­back, press the play but­ton; to delete the record­ing, press the X; to send the mes­sage, press the up ar­row. When you re­ceive an au­dio mes­sage, press the play but­ton to en­able it. Once you've lis­tened to an in­com­ing au­dio mes­sage or sent an au­dio mes­sage you've recorded, you can choose to keep it by tap­ping the word Keep be­neath the mes­sage. Au­dio mes­sages can only be sent over iMes­sage.

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