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Set Up Find My iPhone

With Find My iPhone, you don't have to worry as much about los­ing your de­vices. Once you've en­abled the fea­ture, you will be able to see the lo­ca­tion of all your de­vices on a map. To find your de­vice, open Ap­ple's Find My iPhone app and sign in with your Ap­ple ID. Make sure you're signed in to your iCloud ac­count on each one. Then go to Set­tings > iCloud, and make sure Find My iPhone is tog­gled on. Now you can find your miss­ing de­vices any­where via the app, which dis­plays their last known lo­ca­tion on a map. When you tap on the miss­ing de­vice, you'll be given the op­tion to Play Sound, Lock, or Erase De­vice. Set Up Touch ID

Touch ID is a fin­ger­print sen­sor that al­lows you to make trans­ac­tions with Ap­ple Pay, au­then­ti­cate pur­chases in the App Store, sign in to Touch ID-en­abled apps, and un­lock your pass­word-pro­tected iPhone sim­ply by press­ing your fin­ger on the Home but­ton.

To set up Touch ID, go to Set­tings > Touch ID & Pass­code. You'll be prompted to en­ter your pass­code. Un­der Fin­ger­prints, tap Add a Fin­ger­print and fol­low the prompts. Once you've added your fin­ger­print, Touch ID will au­to­mat­i­cally be en­abled for iPhone Un­lock, Ap­ple Pay, and iTunes & App Store. Tog­gle off any of the ser­vices you don't wish to use Touch ID for.

Your iPhone au­to­mat­i­cally locks it­self af­ter a set pe­riod of in­ac­tiv­ity. This saves bat­tery life and makes unau­tho­rized ac­cess to your iPhone less likely. The de­fault auto-lock set­ting is one minute; but if you find your­self con­stantly hav­ing to un­lock your phone in the mid­dle of us­ing it, you may need to change the de­lay time.

To change the de­lay time, go to Set­tings > Gen­eral > Auto-Lock. You can set your iPhone to lock af­ter a de­lay of one to five min­utes, or choose Never. Re­mem­ber, the longer the auto-lock de­lay, the more likely your phone can be taken and tam­pered with. Pre­vent Peo­ple from Ac­cess­ing In­for­ma­tion via Siri

Want to text a friend or view your most re­cent calls? Just ask Siri. You can even do all this from your lock screen. The prob­lem is, so can any­one else. If your set­tings al­low for it, any­one can ac­cess your call his­tory, send a tweet, or get di­rec­tions to a con­tact's home from your Lock screen just by bring­ing up Siri and ask­ing.

To pre­vent any­one from be­ing able to ac­cess this in­for­ma­tion from your Lock screen, go to Set­tings > Touch ID & Pass­code and scroll down to Al­low Ac­cess When Locked and tog­gle Siri off. Siri can still do all the same things, just no longer from your Lock screen.

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