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Use iPad Mul­ti­task­ing

Re­cent iPad mod­els come with the abil­ity to run two apps side by side. To take ad­van­tage of this fea­ture, first open an app, and then swipe left from the right side of the dis­play to sum­mon Slide Over, a pane com­pris­ing the right third of your dis­play. To se­lect an app, swipe down on the pane for a list of choices. With Slide Over, you can run two apps but can't use them si­mul­ta­ne­ously. How­ever, if you have an iPad Air 2, mini 4, or Pro, you can swipe left on the mid­dle left edge of the Slide Over pane to ac­cess Split View. The left pane will be­come ac­tive, and you'll be able to use both apps at once. Use Pic­ture in Pic­ture

Pic­ture in Pic­ture al­lows you to watch videos while si­mul­ta­ne­ously brows­ing the web or us­ing other apps. To do this, ei­ther make a FaceTime call or nav­i­gate to a video and be­gin play­ing it. Next, tap the icon that looks like over­lap­ping squares in the lower right cor­ner of the video screen. The video will pop out from the page and move to the cor­ner of your dis­play. You can drag it around the screen or ad­just its size by pinch­ing your fingers. When you tap on the video, three icons ap­pear. The first re­turns the video to its orig­i­nal web­page, the sec­ond pauses it, and the last ex­its out of the video com­pletely.

When you go to the App Store on your iPad to down­load a pop­u­lar app such as Periscope or In­sta­gram, you may no­tice that it dis­plays only iPad-spe­cific apps. That's be­cause you need to change the de­fault set­ting in the App Store that's lim­it­ing you to the iPad's smaller col­lec­tion. You'll then be able to down­load iPhone apps even if they haven't been de­signed specif­i­cally for the iPad. To down­load iPhone apps, go to the top left cor­ner of the App Store and tap iPad Only. A drop­down menu will ap­pear that lets you se­lect iPhone Only in­stead. The app you want will now ap­pear in the search re­sults. Turn Your Key­board into a Track­pad

Se­lect­ing text on your iPad used to be a te­dious en­deavor. But with a lit­tle prac­tice us­ing the track­pad fea­ture on your iPad, you can high­light, copy, and paste selections more eas­ily than ever. When your key­board is open to type on your iPad, sim­ply place two fingers on the key­board and hold un­til the let­ters dis­ap­pear and are re­placed by a grey screen. To move the cur­sor, slide both fingers along the screen to your de­sired spot. To high­light text, hold two fingers to the track­pad (or above the track­pad once en­gaged) and move your fingers away from each other to se­lect your de­sired text.

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