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Turn Off Siri’s Voice

If you're in a meet­ing or an­other sit­u­a­tion where you'd like Siri to be quiet but still func­tional, you can en­able a set­ting so that Siri replies only with text.

There are two ways you can con­trol Siri's voice so re­sponses are text only. Go to Set­tings > Gen­eral > Siri and tap on Voice Feed­back. Se­lect­ing Con­trol with Ring Switch will let you si­lence your phone and Siri's voice at will. To dis­able Siri's voice feed­back al­to­gether ex­cept when us­ing touchless con­trol, se­lect Hands­Free Only. When you ask Siri a ques­tion, you'll get the same re­sponse as al­ways, but as text. If you use "Hey Siri,” then Siri will still re­spond by speak­ing. Find the Owner of a Lost iPhone or iPad

If you've come across some­body's lost iPhone and would like to fig­ure out who it be­longs to, Siri can help! Sim­ply ask Siri who the owner is and Siri will dis­play their con­tact in­for­ma­tion. But you need to phrase the ques­tion the right way.

To find out the owner of a lost iPhone or iPad, sim­ply ask Siri: 1) Who owns this iPhone (or iPad)? or 2) Who does this iPhone (or iPad) be­long to? If you ask the wrong way, Siri will tell you to ask Ap­ple or will slip into flip­pant mode and sim­ply say, "In­ter­est­ing ques­tion." Note: this tip works only if the owner has Siri en­abled on their Lock screen.

It's so much eas­ier to use your cal­en­dar with Siri in­stead of en­ter­ing the in­for­ma­tion man­u­ally. But did you know that you can also edit events that you've al­ready sched­uled?

To edit an event us­ing Siri, you can sim­ply say, "Change my Tues­day ap­point­ment at 2 o'clock to 2:15." Siri will re­spond, "OK, I'll make that change to your ap­point­ment. Shall I sched­ule it?" You can also use Siri to change the time, ti­tle, at­ten­dees, or lo­ca­tion of an ap­point­ment sim­ply by say­ing, for ex­am­ple, "Change the lo­ca­tion of my Tues­day ap­point­ment at 2 o'clock." Use Siri to Search Photos

If you take a ton of pic­tures, then you un­der­stand how much trou­ble it can be to sift through them man­u­ally. Luck­ily, Siri makes the process much eas­ier. Sim­ply tell Siri to pull up the images you're look­ing for and the dig­i­tal as­sis­tant will show you your photos ac­cord­ing to the date, time, or lo­ca­tion you spec­i­fied in your re­quest.

To do this, de­ter­mine the date or gen­eral time or lo­ca­tion of the photos you want to find, and then ac­ti­vate Siri by press­ing and hold­ing the Home but­ton. Next, say some­thing like, "Show me photos from Myr­tle Beach last De­cem­ber." The photos with match­ing time and lo­ca­tion stamps will ap­pear, di­vided by day.

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