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Save Links for Later

Face­book is no longer merely a plat­form for shar­ing per­sonal thoughts and ideas—it's also be­come a con­ve­nient way to pass along videos, ar­ti­cles, and images. Of course, you don't al­ways have time to read or watch con­tent when you first come across it. If you see some­thing in your Time­line that you would like to save for later, sim­ply click on the drop­down icon at the up­per right cor­ner of the post and then se­lect Save Video/Link/Post. You can ac­cess the posts later by nav­i­gat­ing to More and se­lect­ing Saved from the list of options.

Set a Tem­po­rary Pro­file Pic­ture

Along with videos, you can also set a tem­po­rary Pro­file Photo that ex­pires after a set amount of time, al­low­ing you to show sup­port for an event or spe­cial cause. To set a tem­po­rary Pro­file Pic­ture, sim­ply nav­i­gate to your pro­file and tap your Pro­file Pic­ture. Se­lect Up­load Video or Photo. You'll see the words Make Tem­po­rary in the lower left cor­ner of the image you've se­lected. Tap it and then se­lect the amount of time you'd like to have the pic­ture on your pro­file.

Un­fol­low Spe­cific Friends

Un­fol­low­ing is a great op­tion if you want to re­main friends with a per­son but don't want their posts to ap­pear in your News Feed. This is par­tic­u­larly use­ful for friends who ex­press views you adamantly dis­agree with or write posts you sim­ply find ir­ri­tat­ing. To un­fol­low a friend, just go to their pro­file, tap More, and then se­lect Un­fol­low. You can also tap on the Fol­low­ing tab and se­lect Un­fol­low from there. Now your friend's posts will no longer ap­pear in your Time­line—and you didn't even have to Un­friend them!

Ad­just “On This Day” Mem­o­ries

On This Day is a nifty lit­tle fea­ture that al­lows you to look back on posts you shared in the past. But for what­ever rea­son, you may not like to be re­minded of spe­cific mo­ments. To ad­just which mem­o­ries you are re­minded of, sim­ply tap on the See More tab and se­lect On This Day from the list of options. Then go to Set­tings (in the top right cor­ner) and se­lect Pref­er­ences. From here, you can se­lect spe­cific dates and peo­ple that you don't want to be re­minded of.

Ac­cess Hid­den Mes­sages

Have you ever had some­one who isn't your friend on Face­book try to send you a per­sonal mes­sage (whether for busi­ness rea­sons or oth­er­wise), only to never re­ceive it in your inbox? That's be­cause Face­book au­to­mat­i­cally sends mes­sages from strangers to a des­ig­nated Mes­sage Re­quests folder in­stead. To ac­cess this folder from your phone, you'll need to open Face­book's Mes­sen­ger app. Nav­i­gate to Peo­ple > Mes­sage Re­quests. Here, you'll likely see a long list of all the mes­sages that have been sent to you over the years.

View Friend­ship

Face­book's See Friend­ship fea­ture is a fun way to be able to view your in­ter­ac­tions with a par­tic­u­lar friend through­out your his­tory on Face­book. This al­lows you to see pho­tos you've been tagged in to­gether, com­ments you've posted on one an­other's pro­file, and posts that have been shared with you. To take ad­van­tage of this fea­ture, sim­ply nav­i­gate to the pro­file of the friend whose his­tory you want to view. Then se­lect More and tap on See Friend­ship. Now you can scroll through the feed and view all the con­tent that you've shared.

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