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Man­age Mul­ti­ple Ac­counts

Most every­one has mul­ti­ple In­sta­gram ac­counts these days, be it for busi­ness, a pet, or for other vary­ing in­ter­ests. Thank­fully, In­sta­gram has made it easy to switch be­tween ac­counts. First, cre­ate an ac­count by nav­i­gat­ing to your pro­file and se­lect­ing Set­tings (the lit­tle gear icon). Then scroll down and se­lect Add Ac­count. Once you add your ac­count, nav­i­gate be­tween your var­i­ous ac­counts by go­ing to your pro­file and tap­ping on your name with an ar­row be­side it. Do­ing this will present a list of your ac­counts. Tap one to switch to it.

See the Posts You've Liked

In­sta­gram is brim­ming with work from count­less users, and if you en­joy browsing In­sta­gram, then you've prob­a­bly “liked” quite a few posts. If you've ever wished that you could view a col­lec­tion of all the posts you've liked in one place, then you're in luck! In­sta­gram lets you do just that. All you have to do is go to your pro­file, se­lect the gear icon, and then tap Posts You've Liked. Here, you'll see a col­lec­tion of all the posts you've ever liked. If you ever de­cide you want to un­like a post, just hit the heart icon again.

Re­order & Hide Fil­ters

We all have a go-to fil­ter that we love us­ing on our pho­tos—and you prob­a­bly have a few that you hate too. In­sta­gram lets you ad­just the or­der of your fil­ters so that your fa­vorites are the first that you see while you're edit­ing. To do this, sim­ply up­load a photo the way you nor­mally would. Once you reach the edit­ing page, scroll all the way to the end of your fil­ters and tap Man­age. Now move fil­ters up or down by press­ing and hold­ing the three bars next to a fil­ter and mov­ing it. You can also hide fil­ters from here by uncheck­ing them.

Save Pho­tos (or Not)

Many peo­ple use In­sta­gram as their pri­mary photo ed­i­tor. If you would like to save your In­sta­gram mas­ter­pieces to your iPhone after edit­ing them, no prob­lem. Just nav­i­gate to your page and se­lect the gear icon again. Then tog­gle on Save Orig­i­nal Pho­tos. This en­sures that your edited image au­to­mat­i­cally gets saved to your phone. How­ever, if you use other edit­ing apps and would pre­fer not to have ex­tra images saved to your phone ev­ery time you up­load to In­sta­gram, just make sure that Save Orig­i­nal Pho­tos is tog­gled off. It's that sim­ple!

Hide Tagged Pho­tos

We've all been there—some­one takes an em­bar­rass­ing photo of you and then tags you in it for the whole world to see. Well, you can't ex­actly force your friend to delete the of­fend­ing image, but you can have the tag re­moved. To do this, all you have to do is se­lect the photo you want to un­tag your­self in and then tap Photo Options. From there, sim­ply se­lect Hide from My Pro­file if you no longer want the image ap­pear­ing in your tagged pho­tos. Or, you can se­lect More Options and tap Re­move Me from Photo to re­move the tag com­pletely.

Delete, Re­spond, Like

Man­ag­ing com­ments should be in­tu­itive, but it's not. No wor­ries though, the process is ac­tu­ally quite easy. To re­ply to a com­ment, first tap the com­ment sec­tion be­low a photo on your news­feed, then tap and hold on the per­son's name to au­to­mat­i­cally add their name to your com­ment. To delete a com­ment made by some­body else, just swipe left on the com­ment and hit the trash icon. And if you don't have any­thing to say but want your friend to know you ap­pre­ci­ate their com­ment, you can “like” the com­ment by tap­ping on the lit­tle heart icon.

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