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iPhone Life Magazine - - Contents - Have a hi­lar­i­ous tale to share about a tex­ting mix-up or other tech-re­lated fail? Email tech­ with your sto­ries. We'll fea­ture the fun­ni­est sto­ries (anony­mously, of course!) in the next is­sue of iPhone Life mag­a­zine.

When You Ac­ci­den­tally Prank Your Doc­tor

I have a di­fib­ril­la­tor due to a past heart at­tack. Dur­ing a re­cent doc­tor visit, my cell phone vi­brated in my pocket and my doc­tor thought I was go­ing into car­diac ar­rest. -Sorry, Doc!

The Breakup Let­ter

I used my iPhone to write a breakup let­ter to my girl­friend of the time. I meant to copy and paste it from Ever­note, and ac­ci­dently sent it to a client in­stead. Weird doesn't even ex­plain what hap­pened next. My client felt so bad for me he sent me a bot­tle of wine two days later. -It’s Over

The Strip­per Who Texted My Mom

It was my friend's bach­e­lor party, and I booked a male strip­per to do a sexy Vin Diesel im­pres­sion with tacos (don't ask). The night of, he never showed up. After wait­ing half an hour, I called the agency, and the agent said, “Emil couldn't get out of work­ing his other job and had to can­cel. I texted you about it this morn­ing.” Ex­cept it wasn't my phone num­ber they had texted—it was my mom's! Hor­ror set in as I pic­tured my mom re­ceiv­ing a text ex­plain­ing that a male strip­per named Emil couldn't get off work to do the sexy Vin Diesel im­pres­sion and eat tacos. My mom never said any­thing, and I'm sure it'll stay that way for­ever. -Smooth Party Plan­ner

How to Get Your Stu­dents’ At­ten­tion

My wife is an ad­junct univer­sity pro­fes­sor. Dur­ing one of her classes, she con­nected her iPhone to her pro­jec­tor to make a pre­sen­ta­tion. As soon as she plugged it in, a photo that I had sent her ear­lier that day popped up on the pro­jec­tor for all her stu­dents to see. For­tu­nately, it's not what you're prob­a­bly think­ing. I had been at Walmart and had seen some­one who looked like they were from that blog peo­ple­ofwal­ Of course, I had to snap a pic and send it to her. -The Help­ful Hus­band

Can We Pre­tend that Never Hap­pened?

“A few years back, I was tex­ting my best friend com­plain­ing about my boyfriend of the time. Their names both started with the let­ter B, and some­how I ac­ci­dently ended up com­pos­ing the mes­sage to my boyfriend in­stead of my friend. It was a re­ally mean mes­sage that I'm not proud of. When he re­sponded, his mes­sage sim­ply said, 'Well at least I know how you re­ally feel.' I was mor­ti­fied! There was no get­ting out of that mess.” -Les­son Learned

On Treat­ing Your iPhone to the Spa

“Re­cently while get­ting a pedi­cure, I was soak­ing my feet in the foot spa and idly scrolling through Face­book. When I placed my phone in my lap and leaned for­ward to talk to my nail tech, my phone promptly slid into the spa wa­ter and the en­tire nail salon gave a col­lec­tive gasp of hor­ror. For­tu­nately, I had up­graded to the "swim­proof" iPhone 7 Plus a few weeks be­fore, so it was just fine.” -Don’t Try This at Home

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