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Poké­mon: Magikarp Jump (Free)

If you loved Poké­mon Go (and come on, we all did for about four weeks there), then check out this new game based off Poké­mon's most pa­thetic crea­ture: Magikarp. Train this awk­ward fish to flop its way through 20 lev­els, and teach it to be the best jumper it can be (that's all it's good at af­ter all). Sim­ply catch your Magikarp and then feed and train it un­til it trans­forms from its adorably pa­thetic form to the more pow­er­ful, dragon-like Gyara­dos.

Pho­toBot (Free)

Ever tried tak­ing a group selfie on your iPhone? If so, then you know how tricky it can be to tap the shut­ter but­ton with­out drop­ping your phone. Pho­toBot aims to make the process eas­ier by tak­ing the pho­tos for you. Sim­ply set a time (for ex­am­ple, 3 sec­onds) and the app will au­to­mat­i­cally snap a photo ev­ery 3 sec­onds, giv­ing you and your friends time in be­tween each shot to switch up your poses.

EveryYear ($1.99)

One of the best parts of jour­nal­ing is be­ing able to look back over old en­tries to see how your ideas have changed over time. EveryYear wants to celebrate those changes by pro­vid­ing daily ques­tions through­out the year, which it then shares with you again the fol­low­ing year. You'll be able to view past an­swers and com­pare them to your cur­rent ones, so you can see the progress you've made.

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