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Even with your iPhone on your side, fall­ing asleep can be tough for some of us. Here are some of my triedand-true sleep tips to add to your reper­toire. 1. Calm your mind with med­i­ta­tion or prayer. 2. Read a real book or mag­a­zine and turn off the screens (TV, tablet, com­puter). 3. Turn off all over­head lights, and use softer lighting closer to eye level. 4. Stick to a firm sleep sched­ule, if pos­si­ble. 5. Don't eat large heavy meals late at night or drink too much liq­uid right be­fore bed. 6. When trav­el­ing, pack earplugs, a neck pil­low, and laven­der scented sprays to help keep you calm and com­fort­able. 7. Don't stress over los­ing sleep; cat nap to make up for the deficit when­ever pos­si­ble.

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