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Em­bar­rass­ing Fails in the Dig­i­tal Age

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I Made a Dif­fi­cult Life Choice

While I was vis­it­ing my sis­ter, we de­cided to or­der some Chi­nese take­out and binge-watch a few of our fa­vorite shows. I vol­un­teered to pick up the food. After pay­ing, I was car­ry­ing our hefty or­der out to my car. I felt things start­ing to shift in my hands. I was car­ry­ing a lot of qual­ity Chi­nese food in my arms, but I also had my brand-new iPhone in my hand. I was about to drop some­thing, ei­ther the food or the phone. Con­sid­er­ing my ded­i­ca­tion and pas­sion for Chi­nese food, I de­cided to drop my phone. It was a split-sec­ond de­ci­sion. As my phone plum­meted to the ground in slow mo­tion, of course, I saw a tiny peb­ble. I could feel it. My phone was go­ing to land di­rectly on the stone. After my phone hit the ground, I set the food down and picked up my phone. Shat­tered. I sighed, got in my car with my Chi­nese food and my bro­ken phone, drove back to my sis­ter's house, and binged. I stand by my de­ci­sion. Chi­nese food is good. -No Re­grets

I Sent Pic­tures to the Wrong Guy

I was tex­ting my boyfriend some scant­ily clad photos while he was away on a trip. While I was send­ing a photo, my ex hap­pened to text me. Some­how, I must have clicked on some­thing that in­di­cated I wanted to send him the photo, rather than my boyfriend. Much to my dis­may, my ex opened the pic­ture. Need­less to say, he was not pleased. For­tu­nately, my boyfriend and I found hu­mor in the in­ci­dent. -Wasn’t Me

My First iPhone: A New Year’s Eve Party Ca­su­alty

My par­ents gave me the first-gen­er­a­tion iPhone as a Christ­mas present right after it came out. A few days later, I had a New Year's Eve party, drank too much, and woke up the next day with­out my phone. While clean­ing up the mess, I found my brand new iPhone sub­merged in a cup of beer, where it had been soak­ing all night. I had to spend $700 to re­place the very gen­er­ous gift from Dad and Mom. -The Hun­gover Son

My Awk­ward (On­line) Mo­ment

I was brows­ing Facebook on my phone and tapped on some­one I thought I rec­og­nized. I started tap­ping on a few photos and tagged my­self in one of them ac­ci­den­tally. I didn't know the per­son at all. -Made It Weird

A Facebook Faux Pas

One night dur­ing the a.m. hours, I was scrolling through a friend's pro­file and hit ‘Like' on a sta­tus from two years ago. Even though I un­did the ‘Like,' I'm sure Facebook sent a no­ti­fi­ca­tion to in­form them I was prowl­ing through their years-old posts. -On­line Prowler

I Sleep-Texted My Mom

The other morn­ing at 6 a.m., I was wo­ken by a text from my mom ask­ing out of the blue if I wanted to bor­row her cam­era. I grumpily won­dered why she thought it was ever OK to text that early in the morn­ing, es­pe­cially to of­fer her cam­era when I am ter­ri­ble at pho­tog­ra­phy. Later in the day when I was a bit more awake, I looked at the text con­ver­sa­tion again and re­al­ized that I had sleep-texted her the word “cam­era” in the very early a.m. Turns out I was the one who had rudely in­ter­rupted HER sleep! -The Sleep Tex­ter

I Missed Ev­ery Call for Six Months

For more than six months, all my calls mys­te­ri­ously went to voice­mail. I couldn't fig­ure out what was wrong with my phone. I had just learned to live with it when one day, a friend pointed out the prob­lem to me: My iPhone had been on Do Not Dis­turb mode all this time with­out me real­iz­ing it. I didn't know the lit­tle moon sym­bol in Con­trol Cen­ter meant any­thing. -Voice­mail Full

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