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4 Ac­ces­sories to Help You Make 2018 Your Health­i­est Year Yet

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4 ac­ces­sories to keep your fit­ness on track this year.

did you ring in the new year like 45 per­cent of the Amer­i­can pop­u­la­tion with health and fit­ness-re­lated goals (source: Statista)? I've def­i­nitely been there. I've made plenty of lofty weight loss and fit­ness plans that I've mostly for­got­ten by Fe­bru­ary, and by the time March rolls around, I've mem­o­rized the taco truck's weekly route. This year I didn't set rig­or­ous 2018 goals. In­stead, I live by mot­tos like “Sur­vival of the fittest” or maybe “Who needs sleep any­way?” Hav­ing small chil­dren is a beau­ti­ful ex­pe­ri­ence where you never sleep through the night or get to eat all of your sand­wich again.

Even though I didn't set any big res­o­lu­tions this year, I am con­tin­u­ing my on­go­ing com­mit­ment to fo­cus­ing on my over­all health and well­be­ing. It isn't easy to lead a bal­anced life­style, es­pe­cially when you're spend­ing a lot of time hold­ing the re­frig­er­a­tor door open look­ing for an­swers. But I've found that some­times it's the lit­tle things in life that make the big­gest im­pact on our health. Here, I'll share some ways we can all use tech­nol­ogy to our ad­van­tage in or­der to lead a health­ier, more bal­anced life­style amid what­ever chaos life throws at us.

Garmin Vivos­mart 3 ($139.99)

As a marathoner, I can't ex­press how ir­ri­tat­ing it has been to run with my phone shoved in a sleeve or pocket. It's 2018; I shouldn't have to deal with this! Garmin to the res­cue. I know ac­tiv­ity track­ers aren't nec­es­sar­ily a new tech­nol­ogy, but I, along with so many oth­ers, have been too cheap to bite the bul­let and splurge on one. When I fi­nally did, it was so refreshing. The Vivos­mart 3 is thin and sleek with a nice wa­ter­proof band. My fa­vorite part of the tracker is the di­ver­sity of ac­tiv­i­ties it sup­ports. It's great to be able to go com­pletely phone free and still track your fit­ness as you go from swimming laps to run­ning to weight lift­ing. It also counts your steps, tracks your sleep, and keeps tabs on your stress lev­els through­out the day. The app syncs with the free MyFit­nessPal app so you can see in real time how many calo­ries you've burned each day ver­sus how many you've con­sumed. The Vivos­mart 3 hon­estly of­fers more fea­tures than I could ever use and will keep even the health­i­est among us busy for a long time with its easy-to-use app.

Jabra Elite Sport Ear­buds ($219.99)

This pair of ear­buds is my se­cret weapon! I love these lit­tle guys prob­a­bly more than I should ad­mit. It took me more time to open the box than it did to start lis­ten­ing to mu­sic. They are in­cred­i­bly user friendly, which is a hu­mon­gous perk for me. Speak­ing of perks, the free Jabra Sport Life app has a “Find my head­phones” fea­ture that helps you track down mis­placed ear­buds us­ing Blue­tooth, which is a life­saver. Not only do the Elite Sports of­fer great sound, but they are also wa­ter­proof and ex­tremely com­fort­able. They're per­fect for any dis­tance run­ner, with a heart rate an­a­lyzer that up­dates you in real time dur­ing your work­out and a bat­tery that can last up to 13.5 hours. While I pre­fer us­ing the ear­bud's noise can­celling set­ting when I'm in­doors, I opt for the HearThrough op­tion dur­ing out­door train­ing. I wore them run­ning un­der ear warm­ers last win­ter, and I could hear cars pass­ing by while still hear­ing my mu­sic clearly and with­out in­ter­rup­tion. The best fea­ture is the Work­out sec­tion in the app. You can use the app's pre-planned work­outs to cross train or run with a coach in your ear mo­ti­vat­ing you to keep go­ing. These ear­buds are se­ri­ously all you need for a to­tal body work­out. They are worth ev­ery penny!

Vivo Bare­foot Stealth II ($150)

The Vivo Bare­foot shoes aren't smart shoes in that they don't have an app that syncs to your phone, but nev­er­the­less the tech­nol­ogy be­hind them makes them a smart buy. The whole idea be­hind Vivo Bare­foot shoes is that hu­man feet are biome­chan­i­cal mas­ter­pieces all on their own and that mod­ern shoes im­pede their nat­u­ral func­tions. So, Vivo cre­ated an ul­tra-sleek, ex­tremely durable, thin-soled shoe. They have no heel or sup­port built in so that your foot can re­ceive max­i­mum sen­sory feed­back. I was skep­ti­cal when I first tried them on, but I found that they are com­pletely dif­fer­ent from any other shoe I have ever worn. I'm still work­ing on my own tran­si­tion back to strong healthy feet. I haven't at­tempted to run in them yet, even though you can. Right now, I am try­ing to slowly re­dis­cover my own nat­u­ral skill of healthy move­ments with good sen­sory feed­back from my feet to brain. With no padding or heel sup­port, I would only sug­gest these shoes to some­one who is not only com­fort­able bare­foot but who prefers it.

Philips Soni­care Di­a­mondClean Smart Elec­tric Tooth­brush 9300 ($159.99–$229.99)

I brush my teeth most nights in a sleep-de­prived blur. This elec­tric tooth­brush by Philips not only gives me a justleft-the-den­tist clean feel­ing, but it's re­moved all guess­work from the process and taught me how to have ex­cel­lent oral health—some­thing I didn't know I was so ig­no­rant about be­fore own­ing this tooth­brush. The app shows you in real time if you've missed spots while brush­ing and ar­eas that need the most fo­cus based on your own per­son­al­ized mouth map. It has a pres­sure sen­sor that lights up when you brush too hard, which is a re­ally ex­cel­lent re­minder and one of my fa­vorite fea­tures. There are four dif­fer­ent clean­ing modes and three dif­fer­ent in­ten­sity set­tings all de­pend­ing on what you need for your own per­son­al­ized den­tal plan. It also comes with three dif­fer­ent pre­mium brush heads, one for clean­ing and plaque re­moval, one for gum care, and one for whiten­ing and stain re­moval. I've never had spe­cial­ized brush heads, but they make a huge dif­fer­ence, clean­ing up to 10 times bet­ter than generic brush heads. It charges wire­lessly in a glass cup and comes with a pre­mium travel case. For any­one who wants a more thor­ough oral hy­giene rou­tine, this smart tooth­brush is def­i­nitely for you.

Bri­ana Dicks is the proud mother of two fiery lit­tle girls. She is an ad­vo­cate for hap­pi­ness, read­ing, healthy liv­ing, and truth-telling.

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