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Cre­ate Check­lists

I think check­lists are the great­est thing in the world. They help me stay on top of so many tasks. Trello makes it easy to stay on top of my lists at each stage of com­ple­tion. I do this by keep­ing a To-Do, Do­ing, and Done list so I can track my progress at a glance. To cre­ate a check­list in Trello, first cre­ate a new board (which rep­re­sents a new project) by tap­ping the plus sign on the app's main screen and fill­ing out the info. Cre­ate a list by tap­ping Add List and then typ­ing a ti­tle. Next, cre­ate a new card by tap­ping Add Card and fill­ing it out, then tap­ping Check­list and fill­ing out your check­list. You can move your check­list card to a dif­fer­ent board by tap­ping the three-cir­cle icon in the up­per right cor­ner and tap­ping Move Card. Cus­tom­ize Your Board

Trello's stan­dard blue back­ground can make things con­fus­ing when you're quickly mov­ing in and out of boards. You can make your life a bit eas­ier by set­ting a unique back­ground color or image for each board. I can vis­ually con­firm that I'm in the right board by check­ing the back­ground image, so I re­mem­ber which is which. You change your back­ground image by go­ing to the board, then se­lect­ing the three dots at the top right. Tap the gear icon, then tap Back­ground. From there, you can set a new color or pho­to­graph as your back­ground. Col­lab­o­rate on Projects

Cards are de­signed to be buck­ets that can hold lots of data. You can link to web­sites, attach files, or talk to team mem­bers about a task or idea in­cluded on the card. You can leave com­ments by tap­ping Com­ment un­der the Ac­tiv­ity sec­tion. There, you can leave a link, jot down thoughts about the sub­ject for your team to see, or attach a doc­u­ment or file. To attach a doc­u­ment, sim­ply press the pa­per­clip to the right of the com­ment box and choose what you want to attach. Most files will attach di­rectly to the card, but some for­mats, like a Drop­box attachment, will in­stead link back to the source.

Use Power-Ups!

Trello gives you op­tional apps to con­nect to at will with a fea­ture called Power-Up that's ba­si­cally magic. Free users get ac­cess to Cal­en­dar and Vot­ing Power-Ups (two of the most use­ful ones avail­able), while pay­ing users get ac­cess to Power-Ups for Drop­box, Ever­note, and Google Drive, to name a few. To ac­cess this fea­ture, go to a board, and tap the three dots at the top right. Tap Power-Ups and choose which­ever one you wish to use. The cal­en­dar Power-Up will help keep track of due dates for you in an easy-to-view man­ner. This will help you stay on top of your ever-grow­ing to-do list. Man­age Your No­ti­fi­ca­tions

Want to stay no­ti­fied of any changes to the sta­tus of project you're work­ing on? You can Sub­scribe to a board or card in Set­tings and you'll be no­ti­fied of any changes or progress made to the spe­cific item in ques­tion. With cards, you'll be no­ti­fied of changes in due dates, ar­chiv­ing changes, and added com­ments. Sub­scrib­ing to a board means you'll be no­ti­fied of all of the above, but for all cards and for newly cre­ated cards. At any time, you'll get no­ti­fied if you're men­tioned in a check­list item or a com­ment, if one of your boards is closed, if some­one adds you or makes you an ad­min of a board or team, or if you're added to a card.

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