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(Free) Mil­lions of peo­ple use this project man­age­ment app, and for good rea­son. Here's how Trello works: You cre­ate boards for new projects, and within those boards you cre­ate lists, which you can then fill with cards that rep­re­sent tasks or ideas. A pop­u­lar way to use Trello is to cre­ate lists for each stage of a project, such as In­com­plete, In Progress, and Done. That way, you can eas­ily see where you are at a glance. In a nut­shell, Trello gives you the free­dom to struc­ture your work­flow in what­ever way makes sense to you. Un­like the rigid struc­ture of most to-do apps, Trello can hold huge amounts of for­mat­ted text, check­lists, and com­ment chains within cards. This level of de­tail within a sim­ple frame­work makes Trello an in­valu­able tool. As you use Trello, you nat­u­rally cre­ate a log of past projects, which you can re­visit when train­ing a new team mem­ber. Delv­ing into a project his­tory and read­ing through com­ments is a great way for a new em­ployee to learn the think­ing be­hind a project and how it de­vel­oped over time.

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