Ma­tias Back­lit Wire­less Key­board

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($139, Ma­ Ap­ple may con­sider its key­board magic, but it clearly hasn't seen the Ma­tias Wire­less Back­lit Key­board. This Back­lit Wire­less Key­board in­cludes a full-sized nu­meric pad, two sep­a­rate bat­ter­ies for pow­er­ing the key­board and back­light, and the abil­ity to pair with four dif­fer­ent de­vices and eas­ily switch be­tween them. This is wire­less done right at a fan­tas­tic price.

One of the big­gest sell­ing points of the Ma­tias Wire­less Back­lit Key­board is its bril­liant de­sign that in­cludes two sep­a­rate bat­ter­ies. The main 1,600 mAh bat­tery lasts a full year on a sin­gle charge, and a sec­ond 1,400 mAh bat­tery pow­ers the back­light sep­a­rately. Ap­ple's “magic” key­board only lasts a month!

A com­mon fa­vorite fea­ture of the key­board is the abil­ity to pair the key­board with four dif­fer­ent de­vices. And there's a but­ton right on the key­board for quickly switch­ing which de­vice it's con­nected to. Get the best key­board at a great price; get the Ma­tias Back­lit Wire­less Key­board to­day.

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