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Lo­ca­tion: Stockholm, Swe­den Web­site:

Or­ga­ni­za­tion type: Pro­ces­sor Ge­o­graphic Mar­ket: United States, Canada, Europe Prod­ucts: Check­out, Fraud De­fence, Bambora Ready, Bambora Ad­vance

Ver­ti­cal mar­kets or other ar­eas of spe­cial­iza­tion: ACH Pro­cess­ing, Cross-bor­der pay­ments, E-com­merce, Mail Order/tele­phone Order, On­line Pay­ments, Mer­chant Cash Ad­vance, Non Bank Busi­ness Fund­ing

Head of com­pany: Kevin Weather­ston

Head of Fi­nance: Ravin­der Man­has

Head of Sys­tems/tech­nol­ogy: Dil­raj Gre­wal

Head of Sales: Ryan Ste­wart

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