By mak­ing him feel happy!

J-14 - - Front Page -

Your crush can spot you from a mile away — it’s like you have rays of sun­shine ra­di­at­ing from all around you! Like Chloe and Ricky, your pos­i­tive en­ergy al­ways puts your crush in a good mood. Af­ter all, you’re the Queen of Kind­ness

... and who wouldn’t want to be around that?! While other girls might fo­cus on the drama, or even get jeal­ous when he spends too much time with his friends, you’d never do that. In­stead, you help to re­mind him what’s im­por­tant in life. When he’s around you, he can barely stop him­self from hav­ing a perma-grin on

his face. Aww!

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