Cree’s Food Al­lergy Bum­mer: “I Had To Sit At A Dif­fer­ent Lunch Ta­ble!”

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The Game Shak­ers star opens up about how she over­came her al­lergy strug­gle!

You may know some­one with food al­ler­gies. Maybe you’ve no­ticed they’re care­ful about what they eat, and some­times they have to pass on yummy foods. That’s some­thing Game Shak­ers star Cree Cicchino can def­i­nitely re­late to. “I’ve had food al­ler­gies since I was born,” she tells us. “I was al­ler­gic to soy, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, mus­tard and shell­fish.” Eat­ing th­ese things could cause Cree to break out in hives or go into life-threat­en­ing ana­phy­lac­tic shock (which would make it hard for her to breathe), so she’s very care­ful. Grow­ing up, it was re­ally dif­fi­cult for her to deal with.

“I felt left out!”

In school, Cree had to sit at a spe­cial ta­ble be­cause of her al­ler­gies. Even though it was for her own safety, it was up­set­ting that she couldn’t sit at a reg­u­lar lunch ta­ble with all of her friends. “I would get an­gry,” she con­fides to J-14. “I felt dif­fer­ent than every­body else.” The ac­tress won­dered what they were all talk­ing about with­out her as she watched them gob­ble up foods she couldn’t eat. “Peo­ple would bring in cup­cakes for their birth­days, and I couldn’t have one,” she re­mem­bers. It was a rough time, but Cree had one per­son to help her get through it: her sis­ter.

“I leaned on my sis!”

The Nick­elodeon star has a twin sis­ter Jayce who was born with the same food al­ler­gies. “We sat to­gether at the al­lergy ta­ble,” Cree says. “Hav­ing her by my side helped me. We sup­ported each other.” And they still do to­day. In the last few years, Cree has got­ten over her al­ler­gies to dairy and eggs, but Jayce hasn’t. “I promised her I wouldn’t eat pizza un­til we both could, so I’m wait­ing for her,” Cree ex­plains to us. Cree hopes every­one with al­ler­gies re­al­ize they aren’t alone. “There are lots of peo­ple go­ing through what you’re go­ing through,” she ad­vises. “Don’t be scared to talk and ask ques­tions!”

“My sis­ter is one of my best friends,” Cree opens up about Jayce.

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