“Boys are Tem­po­rary,

Girl­friend S are for­ever!”

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Have you ever had a crush on a cutie in your class only to find out that you’re not the only one in your clique who has feel­ings for him — you’re BFF likes him, too?!

If so, you know just how awk­ward and heart­break­ing that sit­u­a­tion can be. And you’re not alone. Be­cause Sab­rina Car­pen­ter’s been there ... on-screen, that is! “I don’t think I’ve ever liked the same guy as a friend in real life, but my char­ac­ter has on Girl Meets World and be­lieve me, it’s not a sit­u­a­tion I’d ever want to find my­self in,” she ex­clu­sively tells J-14.

“Love tri­an­gles can ruin friend­ships!”

While Maya and Ri­ley’s friend­ship luck­ily stayed in­tact on GMW af­ter they both found them­selves crush­ing on Lu­cas, Sab­rina says that doesn’t al­ways hap­pen. “I love that on our par­tic­u­lar show, the girls have al­ways put their friend­ship first,” she shares. “But most of the

time when it comes to love

The Dis­ney star gets real about dat­ing, drama and how im­por­tant her girls are!

tri­an­gles, some­one ends up get­ting hurt and sadly, some­times choos­ing to fol­low your heart can ruin and even break up a friend­ship.”

“You’ll have lots of dif­fer­ent crushes!”

Be­cause of this, Sab­rina says a boy is never worth los­ing a friend over — no mat­ter how sweet he may be. “When you’re grow­ing up, you’ll have lots of dif­fer­ent crushes and most of the those peo­ple will only be in your life for that pe­riod of time,” she ex­plains. “There­fore, if you let your crush come be­tween you and your best friend, you’ll re­gret it later on.” So how can you keep that from hap­pen­ing if you find your­self in a love tri­an­gle with your BFF? “It’s one of those things where you have to re­mem­ber in the back of your mind that boys are tem­po­rary — es­pe­cially when you’re in mid­dle school or high school — and your girl­friends are for­ever,” she opens up. “The re­la­tion­ships you have with your girl­friends are spe­cial — it’s im­por­tant to pro­tect them.”

“You need to put your girls first!”

And even though putting your feel­ings aside in or­der to avoid drama may sound hard, Sab­rina prom­ises that it’ll be worth it.

“When you’re in a hard sit­u­a­tion like that, you learn who your true friends are and show what kind of friend you are, too,” she opens up. “I mean, there’s re­ally no rules to life, the dat­ing game or to the friend­ship game — you have to make your own rules. And hope­fully, the rules you come up with in­clude putting your girls first.” We couldn’t agree with you more, Sab­rina!

“I’m lucky to have a great group of girls that I can call my friends,” Sab­rina tells J-14.

“Boys will come and go!”

— Sab­rina

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Maya and Ri­ley’s friend­ship was put to the test when they both fell for Lu­cas.

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