With your kind­ness!

J-14 - - Quiz -

You know the old ex­pres­sion, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vine­gar?” Well, that doesn’t just hold true when it comes to mak­ing friends — it ap­plies to crushes, too! As Se­lena Gomez has learned, be­ing gen­uinely nice to peo­ple is the fastest way to form a tight bond. Your crush not only loves how kind you are to him, but it also makes him smile watch­ing you be sweet to oth­ers. He knows that as a GF, you’d al­ways have his back, and when he’s looked for ad­vice, you’d be the first one to tell him just what he needed to hear. There’s no ques­tion that

you’re a sweetheart!

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