I al­ways say the dumb­est things around my crush!

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I get so tongue-tied around my crush.

Ev­ery time I talk to him, I end up say­ing corny stuff or laugh­ing a lot! Any tips? — Beth, PA


First off, don’t stress it! Many peo­ple, celebs in­cluded, get ner­vous around their crushes. Jack Gilin­sky’s best ad­vice is to just be your­self! “It’s bet­ter when noth­ing is forced,” the singer tells J-14. Try tak­ing a deep breath be­fore talk­ing with him and think about a few top­ics you want to cover in your head be­fore­hand. It’ll help calm you down!

What’s Jace Nor­man’s fa­vorite kind of date? “One with food in­volved!” he laughs to J-14.

Jack Gilin­sky

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