Real girl story:

“I got hit by a car look­ing for Poké­mon!”

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One girl in Pitts­burgh, PA, will never look at a pokéball the same way again. Fif­teen-year-old Au­tumn Deis­eroth was so ob­sessed with the ex­cit­ing game, she went to cross a busy four-lane road dur­ing the height of rush hour traf­fic to catch a Poké­mon. Un­for­tu­nately, she was struck by a car. “The car was fly­ing up the hill,” Au­tumn re­calls. “I tried to get out of the way, but I got hit on my side.” The high school stu­dent says she did look both ways be­fore cross­ing the street and didn’t have her phone out while walk­ing. But some peo­ple — es­pe­cially Au­tumn’s mother — do think the game is to blame. “I’m blam­ing the game it­self be­cause it’s drag­ging kids across high­ways,” the girl’s mother says. Au­tumn def­i­nitely learned her les­son from this trau­matic event and she has some ad­vice to share: “Just be care­ful, and watch where you’re go­ing,” she says.

Play it safe – and still catch ’em all! avoid a scary sit­u­a­tion! Fol­low J-14’s tips to who strangers. Play with friends ❚ Don’t play the game with watcher! for­get to bring along your you can trust — and don’t know ex­actly about your plans. If...

▶ “It could have been so much worse,” Au­tumn shares, re­mem­ber­ing her un­for­tu­nate ac­ci­dent while play­ing the pop­u­lar game.

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