I spilled food all over my­self !

J-14 - - Fun -

I sit with my crush, Feli­cia, at lunch be­cause we have the same group of friends. My mom had packed me a hard-boiled egg with my lunch, telling me I needed more pro­tein or some­thing. I was hun­gry, so I went to crack it open on the side of the ta­ble. As soon as I did, I felt gooey raw egg drip on my pants! “Eww!” Feli­cia yelled, wip­ing yel­low yolk out of her eye. “It’s all over my face!” Yep, the egg had splat­tered all over our ta­ble, so not only was I covered in raw egg, but my friends were, too. I guess my mom was too tired to re­al­ize that she packed me a reg­u­lar egg, not a hard-boiled one. I tried to clean it up, but I had to walk around with egg-stained pants the rest of the day! — Bryant, VA

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