I chipped my tooth on a candy ap­ple!

J-14 - - Fun -

My best friends and I al­ways have a tra­di­tion of go­ing to the fall fair in our home­town. Af­ter en­joy­ing the hayride and paint­ing our own mini pump­kins, we de­cided to get some yummy candy and caramel ap­ples! I was SO ex­cited to sink my teeth into one since I had just got­ten my braces off. But the sec­ond I bit into my ap­ple, I knew some­thing was wrong. “Oh my God, Co­rina!” my BFF Rachel yelled while point­ing at my mouth. “What? What?” I pan­icked. She quickly grabbed her iPhone out of her purse so I could see my re­flec­tion. I smiled and saw that a gi­ant piece of my front tooth was miss­ing! I looked down, nearly cry­ing as I re­al­ized that half of my tooth was stuck in the sticky caramel ap­ple. I called my mom, who rushed me to an emer­gency den­tist to get the tooth fixed. I will never bite into a caramel ap­ple again! — Co­rina, MS

On a Face­book photo of me and my crush, my mom wrote, ”Is this the boy you’re dat­ing?” He

com­mented, “Nope!”

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