Lit­tle Stor­age, Big Help

Daystar Cam Can saves the day

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Cam Can su­per-easy wet or dry con­tain­ers

Some­times just a lit­tle can be enough. Like when your high­zoot 4x4 is on the side of In­ter- state 5 with a bone-dry fuel tank and the near­est fuel sta­tion that sells diesel is 3 miles away. In cases like that you sure would ap­pre­ci­ate an ex­tra gal­lon or so of fuel, wouldn’t you? As I sat waiting for the auto club to come bail me out I was kick­ing my­self for not stick­ing the UACJ-6D fuel tank be­fore hit­ting the road. (For those of you who have ve­hic­u­larly ad­vanced be­yond the 1940s, “stick­ing the tank” means mea­sur­ing the amount of re­main­ing fuel with an ac­tual stick.) Func­tion­ing gauges? What are those?

Any­way, while I waited on the shoul­der for the tow truck to save my ba­con, I logged into Daystar’s web­site and or­dered a cou­ple dif­fer­ent Cam Cans and roll bar mounts for two of my 4x4s I drive the most. Check out how you can add some dry or fluid stor­age to your 4x4 in an easy 15 min­utes.

By now most off-road­ers are fa­mil­iar with Daystar’s Cam Cans, which can be mounted neatly in­side most spare wheels. How­ever, we are big fans of the com­pany’s UTV and Roll Bar Mount­ing Sys­tem. The roll bar sys­tem in­cludes a Cam Can mount­ing plate, alu­minum clamps, polyurethane in­serts to ac­com­mo­date 7⁄8-, 11⁄2-, 13⁄4-, and 2-inch roll bar di­am­e­ters, and a sin­gle- or dou­ble-can mount­ing pin. The green Cam Can is the com­pany’s stan­dard fluid can and holds roughly 2 gal­lons. It in­cludes a nice spout with a 3⁄4-inch nip­ple that ac­cepts reg­u­lar hard­ware store 1-inch tub­ing. The orange Cam Can is a Trail Box, which fea­tures a nice latch and holds what­ever you want. You can or­der the pins, cams, and pretty much any of the kit com­po­nents sep­a­rately if you change your mind down the road.

You can or­der the pins, cams, and pretty much any of the kit com­po­nents sep­a­rately if you change your mind

Once all the hard­ware is tight­ened down ac­cord­ing to the in­struc­tions, you can mount your Cam Can se­curely to the bracket. There’s a hole in the end of the mount­ing pin for a lock or safety re­tainer. We just use a sim­ple hitch pin. The UACJ-6D now has...

In­stal­la­tion on your ve­hi­cle is re­ally easy. Be­gin by screw­ing the cams onto the mount­ing plate with the in­cluded hard­ware.

The cam can plate mounts to the alu­minum clamps, so be­fore you cinch down the sup­plied stain­less steel clamp hard­ware, loosely as­sem­ble the bracket onto the clamps to get the right spac­ing and ori­en­ta­tion.

Since the UACJ-6D has a 2-inch-di­am­e­ter rollcage, we grabbed the largest poly cam in­serts. The polyurethane roll bar clamp in­serts are split to eas­ily in­stall on your roll bar.

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