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Just Cross Stitch - - Contents - De­sign by An­naLee Waite of An­naLee Waite De­signs

Skill Level: Be­gin­ner Ma­te­ri­als

• 12" x 10" piece 14- count white

Fid­dler’s Cloth from Charles Craft* • One skein each DMC® or Sul­li­vans®

USA six-strand em­broi­dery floss* • Size 24 ta­pes­try nee­dle *See Where to Find It on page 110.

In­struc­tions: Cross stitch over one square us­ing two strands of floss.

Work French knot where ap­pears us­ing two strands 310/45053 and wrap­ping floss around nee­dle twice.

Back­stitch over one square us­ing two strands of floss.

Fin­ish­ing Ma­te­ri­als & In­struc­tions

• One each 51/2" x 73/4" and 51/4" x 71/2"

piece mat board • 9" length jute twine • Pierc­ing tool • White craft glue • Pins (op­tional)

Press stitched piece from re­verse side, straight­en­ing as much as pos­si­ble.

Round cor­ners of both pieces of mat board. Cen­ter stitched piece over larger mat board. Stretch across board and secure stitched piece on back of mat board with craft glue, hold­ing with pins if nec­es­sary un­til dry.

Glue smaller mat board on back of cov­ered mat board. Let dry.

Pierce two holes through as­sem­bled piece 11/2" from each side near top as shown in photo.

String jute twine be­tween holes from back to front of or­na­ment. Knot se­curely on front of piece and trim ends of jute twine.

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