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The ac­tress stands in the door­way lead­ing down to the root cel­lar. The elec­tric­ity goes out. The au­di­ence rum­ble be­gins: "Don’t go down there!"

Why does this Hal­loween movie cliché work every time? My the­ory is that we have all had the creeps in our own home at one time or an­other.

That is what pro­pelled our staff to cre­ate a "Hal­loween Around the House" theme for this year’s spe­cial Hal­loween is­sue of Just CrossStitch.

Start­ing at the front door and end­ing in the gar­den out­side, read­ers will roam through a house and gar­den filled with spooky sur­prises.

And if the movie scene is a cliché, the de­signs you will find in this is­sue are orig­i­nals—even those that are based on a tra­di­tional theme.

A ghost float­ing like steam from a latte, a bot­tle fly emerg­ing from a pear, and a blood­shot eye­ball are some of the creepy or­na­ments dreamed up by cre­ative de­sign­ers.

In ad­di­tion to or­na­ments, you can stitch pil­lows and pic­tures de­pict­ing some of the things you re­ally, re­ally don’t want to find lurk­ing in the shad­ows of your home. For ex­am­ple, a nest full of mice, a bot­tle of green poi­son, and spi­ders, spi­ders and more spi­ders!

You will also find some not-so-scary squat­ters for your house. We have lit­tle witch fairies, jolly round pump­kins, and lots of birds and bird­houses.

We hope you have as much fun look­ing at the photographs and stitch­ing the de­signs as we en­joyed putting to­gether this an­nual Hal­loween treat.

And about that girl at the top of the stairs in our clas­sic hor­ror show, for once she heeded the movie au­di­ence’s warn­ing and didn’t walk down those stairs!

Stay in stitches!

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