I Can Go Any­where

Just Cross Stitch - - I Can Go Anywhere -

In­struc­tions: Cross stitch over one square us­ing two strands of floss.

Back­stitch (bs) over one square us­ing one strand of floss un­less stated oth­er­wise.

Work long stitch us­ing one strand of 414/45090 for spi­der­web (or­ange lines).

Fin­ish­ing In­struc­tions: Place stitched piece over a piece of back­ing fab­ric (right sides to­gether) and pin lay­ers to­gether. Stitch pieces to­gether two Aida threads in from edge of de­sign on sides and top. Trim edges, and notch cor­ners to elim­i­nate bulk. Turn book­mark to right side. Use an in­stru­ment like a chop­stick to push out cor­ners. Turn bot­tom edges of fab­ric and Aida un­der and stitch to­gether us­ing blind stitch. Press.

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