Every se­ri­ous stitcher needs a Mi­cro­sun lamp”

Just Cross Stitch - - 13 Days Of Halloween - – Su­san Rhein, Al­bu­querque, NM

Su­san Rhein of Al­bu­querque, NM is an award win­ning cross stitch artist. Su­san works ten or more hours a day to cre­ate breath­tak­ing pieces of cross stitch art which are ad­mired across the coun­try. The life of a cross stitch artist takes its toll, how­ever, and do­ing so much de­tailed work each day used to lead to Su­san ex­pe­ri­enc­ing eye strain and fa­tigue.

To help re­duce th­ese symp­toms, Su­san be­gan to re­search and pur­chase lamps de­signed specif­i­cally for those who need to do this type of close work. “Over many years, I have tried a lot of spe­cialty lamps out there that mar­ket them­selves for peo­ple like fel­ters or stitch­ers; any­body that uses their eyes sig­nif­i­cantly for that rea­son.” But none of those lamps re­duced her eye strain or im­proved color con­trast or depth per­cep­tion, even when she used mul­ti­ple lamps.

Su­san had nearly given up hope when she read an ad in a mag­a­zine about Mi­cro­sun Lamps. As soon as her Mi­cro­sun lamp ar­rived and she switched it on, she said that the dif­fer­ence be­tween her Mi­cro­sun Lamp and the other lamps she had pur­chased was “night and day.” “It was much eas­ier on my eyes,” she said, “There re­ally is noth­ing else out there that comes even close to the value that I put in my Mi­cro­sun lamps.”

Su­san Rhein ex­hibits some of her award win­ning cross stitch work.

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