Dou­ble-Sided Fun: Au­tumn/Spooky

Just Cross Stitch - - Autumn Spooky - De­signs by Theresa Curry and Brian Stugel­mayer of Nee­dle Bling De­signs

Skill Level: Mod­er­ate Ma­te­ri­als

• 10" x 10" piece (Leaf Clus­ter) and 10" x 14" piece (Au­tumn) 30- count cap­puc­cino #1238 linen from Weeks Dye Works™ * • 10" x 10" piece (Ghost) and 10" x 14" piece (Spooky) 30- count pump­kin #2228 linen from Weeks Dye Works™ * • One skein The Gentle Art Sam­pler

Threads* • One skein each The Gentle Art Sim­ply

Shaker Sam­pler Threads* • One skein each Weeks Dye Works™

Hand Over Dyed Floss* • One skein each Clas­sic Color­works

Hand Dyed Cot­ton Floss* • Size 24 ta­pes­try nee­dle *See Where to Find It on page 62. *DMC® al­ter­na­tives are not one-to- one equiv­a­lents to the floss sug­gested by the de­signer. To achieve re­sults pic­tured, use floss listed in the first col­umn.

Stitch Count

Leaf Clus­ter: 55H x 55W Au­tumn: 49H x 110W Ghost: 55H x 55W Spooky: 49H x 110W

De­sign Size

Leaf Clus­ter: 32/ 3" x 32/ 3" Au­tumn: 31/ 3" x 71/ 3" Ghost: 32/ 3" x 32/ 3" Spooky: 31/ 3" x 71/ 3"

In­struc­tions: Cross stitch over two threads us­ing two strands of floss.

Fin­ish­ing Ma­te­ri­als & In­struc­tions

• 1 yard co­or­di­nat­ing cot­ton fab­ric • 2 plas­tic foam blocks: 4"x 4" x 2" and 4"x 8" x 2" • Cot­ton quilt bat­ting • One sheet 1/8"-thick foam- core board • 11/4 yards 1/2"-wide co­or­di­nat­ing gros­grain rib­bon

for Leaf Clus­ter/Au­tumn block • 11/4 yards 1/2"-wide dec­o­ra­tive rib­bon for Ghost/

Spooky block • 23/4 yards 11/2"-wide satin rib­bon • Flat-head straight pins • Pearl-head pins • White craft glue • X-Acto® knife

Press stitched pieces from re­verse side, straight­en­ing as much as pos­si­ble. Trim each stitched piece to 11/2" from stitch­ing on all sides.

Us­ing trimmed stitched pieces as tem­plates, cut one piece each size from co­or­di­nat­ing fab­ric for backing; set aside.

Us­ing plas­tic foam blocks as tem­plates and X-Acto knife, cut pieces of foam-core board to fit front, back and sides of each block. Pieces should fit to­gether to en­close plas­tic foam block.

Push­ing flat-head pins com­pletely into foam, pin front and back foam-core pieces to one foam block. Pin foam-core side pieces in place in the same man­ner. Re­peat with re­main­ing foam-core pieces and plas­tic foam blocks.

From quilt bat­ting, cut two pieces the same size as block fronts/ backs for each block. Glue one piece of bat­ting to front and one to the back of each foam block.

Re­fer­ring to photo, cen­ter a stitched piece on the front of one block. Fold ex­cess linen at top edge over top of block; pin to se­cure. Re­peat on re­main­ing sides, pin­ning gen­er­ously and stretch­ing fab­ric gen­tly to keep it cen­tered. In the same man­ner, add one piece of backing fab­ric on back of same block, pin­ning along sides. Re­peat with re­main­ing stitched pieces, backing fab­ric and plas­tic foam blocks.

Mea­sure perime­ter around sides of one block for length and across a side for width. Add 1" to length and dou­ble the width and cut one strip of co­or­di­nat­ing fab­ric to that size. Fold long edges of fab­ric strip to mid­dle of strip, wrong sides fac­ing; press flat. Fold un­der 1/4" at each end of strip; press. Pin end of strip in place at bot­tom left cor­ner of block; wrap strip around block un­til be­gin­ning point is reached; pin to se­cure. Re­peat with re­main­ing blocks.

Mea­sure perime­ter around sides of one block. Add 1" to that mea­sure­ment and cut one piece of 11/2"-wide rib­bon ( gros­grain or dec­o­ra­tive; see ma­te­ri­als list) to that length. Wrap rib­bon around block, start­ing and pin­ning at bot­tom cen­ter. Re­peat with re­main­ing blocks.

Mea­sure perime­ter around sides of one block. Add 1" to that mea­sure­ment and cut one piece of 1/2"-wide rib­bon to that length. Be­gin­ning at cen­ter of bot­tom edge, wrap rib­bon around block and pin in place, cen­ter­ing rib­bon on 11/2"-wide rib­bon. Re­peat with re­main­ing blocks.

Hold­ing pieces of 1/2"-wide rib­bons to­gether, ends even, tie a knot in the cen­ter. Pin knot to cen­ter top of small block as shown; trim rib­bon ends at an an­gle. Re­peat with other small block.

For blocks' “feet,” pin one pearl-head pin in each cor­ner of block bot­toms. Find more stack­able blocks in the Fe­bru­ary, April, June and Au­gust 2017 is­sues of

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