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The Gen­tle Art Sampler Threads

DMC® Al­ter­na­tive Listed in Paren­the­ses* 0310 (3685) claret ♦

The Gen­tle Art Sim­ply Shaker Sampler Threads

DMC® Al­ter­na­tives Listed in Paren­the­ses* ) 7063 (310) onyx N 7025 (B5200) Shaker white $ 7080 (3011) en­dive *DMC® al­ter­na­tives are not one-to- one equiv­a­lents of the floss sug­gested by the de­signer. To achieve re­sults pic­tured, use floss listed in the first col­umn.


10" x 9" piece 40-count vin­tage meadow rue from Lake­side Linens Stitch Count: 70H x 53W De­sign Size: 35/ 8" x 23/4"


Cross stitch over two threads us­ing one strand of floss. Work 1/2 cross stitch over one thread us­ing one strand of floss for “Merry Christ­mas.”

Fin­ish­ing Ma­te­ri­als & In­struc­tions

Co­or­di­nat­ing cot­ton fab­ric Polyester fiber­fill Five small rusted jin­gle bells Twine Small-di­am­e­ter pli­able branch 20- or 22-gauge wire 3/4"- wide co­or­di­nat­ing rib­bon Nee­dle-nose pli­ers Press stitched piece from re­verse side, straight­en­ing as much as pos­si­ble. Gen­tly pull eighth thread from stitch­ing on all sides and trim to 1/4" from pulled thread.

Cut a piece of fab­ric 3/4" larger than trimmed stitched piece for front. Fold stitched piece un­der at pulled thread and cen­ter on front fab­ric piece. Sew stitched piece to front fab­ric, leav­ing ex­tra front fab­ric ex­posed around edges.

Cut a piece of fab­ric the same size as front of or­na­ment for back. Place front and back fab­ric pieces right sides to­gether. Sew to­gether us­ing 1/4" seam al­lowance, leav­ing a small open­ing. Turn or­na­ment right side out and stuff with fiber­fill. Sew open­ing closed.

Cut a piece of twine to same length as perime­ter of stitched piece. Whip­stitch twine to linen edges us­ing one strand of 7063 floss. Sew jin­gle bells to bot­tom of or­na­ment, spac­ing evenly.

Form a small loop on one end of wire, then twist wire around branch; form an­other loop at other end. At­tach branch to or­na­ment by sewing wire loops to each top cor­ner. Make a bow us­ing co­or­di­nat­ing rib­bon and at­tach to hanger.

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