Flat-Or­na­ment Fin­ish­ing In­struc­tions

Just Cross Stitch - - Finishing Instructions -


• Padded mount­ing board • Fab­ric-mark­ing pen­cil • Straight pins • Sew­ing ma­chine (op­tional)

1. Mea­sure de­sired dis­tance (1/8"–1") from stitch­ing on all sides and draw a line this m from edge of de­sign all around, stay­ing on grain line of fab­ric when pos­si­ble. Do not cut fab­ric. Place or­na­ment over a piece of back­ing fab­ric (right sides to­gether) and pin lay­ers to­gether along edge of stitch­ing.

2. Sew around or­na­ment along drawn line, leav­ing bot­tom of or­na­ment open. Trim lay­ers to seam al­lowances of 1/4". Trim cor­ners to seam al­lowances of 1/8". Turn or­na­ment to right side.

3. Us­ing or­na­ment as a pat­tern, cut mount­ing board. In­sert mount­ing board into or­na­ment and sew open­ing closed.

4. At­tach trim and hanger.

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